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Feedback for Madera

May 18, 2009

    1. Please feel free to leave some comments on how you thought our transaction went if we've engaged in an exchange of goods or services. Thanks. :)
    2. I sold a few items of clothing to MADERA. She was lovely to deal with. Paid promptly and communicated with me throughout the sale. Highly recommended. Thank You :)
    3. Madera bought my Elfdoll Tiny Adel. She was very kind and paid right away. I would love to do business again!
    4. Madera bought my Akando, she was awesome to deal with. Prompt payment and quick replies to emails. Thank you so much!
    5. I just completed an awesome commission with Madera. Payment was super-fast. Communications were prompt and friendly. It couldn't have gone more smoothly. I hope to work with Madera again!
    6. madera purchased EID boots from me, the transaction was very pleasant! Thank you, I hope you enjoy the boots! :chocoheart
    7. Madera and I had a great transaction! I would definitely do business with her again. :) Thanks so much!
    8. Madera bought some accessories and the transaction was perfect! Great buyer and highly recommended. ^^
    9. madera bought a handful of rings from orangebabydolly and the transaction went very smoothly. :) Lightning fast payment and she let us know as soon as they arrived. Thanks!
    10. I sold a Mini Gem to Madera, and the transaction went perfectly. I would definitely work with Madera again.
    11. I just sold a SleepingElf Moona to Madera and it was a perfect transaction. I received payment promptly, communication was excellent and I was notified when the package arrived. I could not have asked for more! :)
    12. madera was in my chrom split, and was a dream to work with! she payed promptly and had great communication! id be happy to work with her again!
    13. Great buyer! Bought a shirt from me, commissioned a second, and was very fast in payment, and a lot of fun in communications. :)
      Looks like we'll be doing some more transacting in the future!
    14. Yup. More sales. :) Awesome buyer! Excellent with everything. :thumbup
    15. Madera has bought jewelry from me multiple times and it is always a joy dealing with her. Very friendly, great communication, and prompt payment -- I couldn't ask for a better customer! Thanks again! :)
    16. Madera bought several outfits from me.
      She was very quick to pay and communication was awesome. I would definitely do business with her again. Thank you so much!
    17. I sorry for my first post ,I mean - Madera -bought several outfits from me.Wonderful buyer!!!!!!!!!
    18. Sold Felix Brownie Punk to Madera. She paid very quickly and was a pleasure to deal with. Great communication - she emailed to let me know her package arrived safely and how much fun she was having with him. An absolute pleasure to do business with. Enjoy him Rika:aheartbea
    19. Another Great transaction from Madera .
      Again purchased several outfits from me.
      Fast payment ,very friendly communications .
      Thank you so much for your interest in my designs.
    20. Another great transaction! Bought two tiny shirts from me, paid VERY quickly, and let me know immediately when they arrived! :)
      Always a pleasure!