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Feedback for MadMageEra

May 20, 2009

    1. Don't know how often I'll use this, but it's good to have nonetheless! :)
    2. Haha! I am the first!! Awesome. *clears throat* MadMageEra purchased a wig from me. Paid promptly, fabulous communication, was not afraid to ask questions ( I like that;)), and is just generally a really cool person. It was indeed a pleasure doing biusness with you my dear.
    3. MadMageEra bought a Souldoll Irene head from me. Paid with prompt layaway option. Thank you so much!!!
      Fab transaction!!!
    4. MadMageEra purchased glasses from me. The communication was excellent and friendly, and she paid swiftly!
      Can't be happier! Thank you for a pleasant transaction and always welcome back! =^_^=
    5. Sold a pair of miniature spectacles/glasses to MadMageEra. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast

      PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    6. Sold an outfit set to MadMageEra, quick and easy transaction - would happily work with again.

    7. MadMageEra brought a pair of MSD black shoes from me. She was very pleasant to work with and I definitely recommend her as a buyer! :)
    8. Joined MadMageEra's Leekeworld GO. Everything went so smoothly and fast. Thanks again for a very pleasant GO.
    9. I was also a participant in MadMageEra's Leekeworld GO. Communication was excellent, all transactions went smoothly, and the GO was the fastest I have ever been in. I would recommend her as a host for sure. Thanks! :]
    10. I was just a part of MadMageEra's Leekeworld GO and it was definitely one of the fastest, best organized group orders I've ever been part of. Thanks so much!
    11. I was also a part of MadMageEra's Leekeworld GO and it was PERFECT!! Super fast, organized, could not ask for better <3 Thank you very much ^__^
    12. I was also a participant in the Leekeworld, GO, and everything went super smoothly. :) She was quick to alert me of problems, sent invoices out promptly, and shipped things quickly. Like the others have said, extermely organized. All in all, a great experience.
    13. I participated in a GO that MadMageEra ran. She kept everyone updated and was super nice, and contacted me immediately when there was a slight glitch with my order. Great to work with, would definitely deal with her again!
    14. I participated in the Leeke GO that MadMageEra ran, and it went super smoothly! She was very communicative and friendly, and contacted me right when she noticed a wig I wanted was sold out. She got everything ordered and shipped out incredibly fast, too! I'd definitely do business with her in the future again.
    15. Just had an amazing Go with MadMageEra ran. Super Super fast on everything. Always got back to my PMs fast and super nice!! I will keep an eye out for future GOs from this user.
    16. Joined MadMageEra's Leekeworld GO and it was the best transaction I've EVER had on DOA. I would absolutely do business with her again!
    17. MadmageEra did an escellent job running our Leekeworld GO. Super communication and very prompt shipping. I couldn't have had a better experience.
    18. Joined her Leeke GO things went rather smoothly except the first wig I wanted was out of stock which was fine since I like the replacement wig even better. Thank you again you did an awesome job :thumbup
    19. Participated in her GO. It was terrific--fast, efficient and great! Look forward to dealing with her again! Trustworthy trader!!!!
    20. Another GO feedback~
      She was fast and quick and I'm glad she had this order A+++
      Go MadmageEra~