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Feedback for Mae [tangled web]

Jun 24, 2006

    1. If you've done any transactions with me, I would appreciate it muchly if you would leave some feedback for my future reference. Thank you very much!

      Transactions Done
      Sold :
      - Dollmore Group Order
      - Luts SD Silver Glasses
      - Dollmore SD Sunglasses + Dollmore SD Underwear
      - Endless [tangled web] custom : Little Princeling
      - Endless [tangled web] custom : Deadly Nightshade
      - 16mm Zoukeimura Dark Green
      - 18mm EA Mystic Olive Green
      - SD HK White Curl Wig
      - MSD Ginger Monique Wig
      - SD CH Bubblegum Cyan Fur Wig
      - SD Cherrymilk Wine Wig
      - SD CH Natural Long Wig
      - MSD Volks W105N Light Gold Wig
      - SD Japanese Grey/White Fur Wig
      - SD HK Brown Curl Wig
      - Eraser Food Sets x4
    2. I got the Little Princeling in a short time ^^
      She is a great seller :)
      Lots of hugs and positive feedbacks :)
    3. Flexible Seller.
      Thanks for mailing over.
    4. I just bought a wig from mae and it went beautifully. Responses to my PMs were quick and the description of the wig was very exact. She shipped it as soon as I payed. I would totally buy from her again. :)
    5. Wonderful seller, extremely patient and would definitely deal with her again. Thanks for the wig! :"D
    6. i purchased several food eraser sets from mae. smooth transaction. thanks!