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Feedback for Maerjanthra

Feb 22, 2008

    1. Maerjanthra bought a pair of MSD Dollheart blue jeans from me, and everything was perfect ^^

      Very nice and friendly buyer, thank you so much! <3
    2. Maer bought a pair of MSD boots from me. Fast payment, everything went perfectly and she is so nice! X3 Good buyer I say! =3
    3. Maer bought a DZ assassin outfit from me.
      Friendly buyer, paid promptly. A pleasure to work with. Highly recommender buyer!
    4. Maerjanthra bought a MNF Shushu from me. She was quick with payment and super nice=)
    5. Great eye transaction with Maerjanthra, eyes were paid for quickly and so I shipped them right away. :)
    6. Had the pleasure of selling a wig to Maerjanthrahra. She was great to work with. Answered PM's quickly and paid super fast. Great Buyer!
    7. Maerjanthra bought a wig from me. ^^ Fast payment and quick communication- Highly recommended! ^^
    8. Maerjanthra was great! She was the first DoA member I purchased anything from. The post office was annoying, because it lied to me *giggle* but she's great. I got my DZ outfit for my Shuichi, and she even sent me an extra shirt! *hugs her* Plus I learned that PayPal will let you pay in Canadian dollars! She was also kind enough to response immediately to each PM I sent her, no matter how much I babbled. She's fantastic! :aheartbea
    9. Sold a pair of boots to Maer. Fast pms and payment, awesome to deal with again, thank you! ^^
    10. Maerjanthra bought a pair of 16mm violet glass eyes from me.. she's very understanding and nice.. paid promptly.. and didn't take to hear about the small blunder i made..

    11. I sold MSD clothes to her. Fast payment and good communication. Great buyer, thanks!
    12. We did a trade; a F2BM outfit plus one of my hats for a pair of awesome boots and a BEAUTIFUL necklace she made. GREAT transaction, very friendly, fast information exchange, and no problems with the mail!!

      Highly recommend, she's such a nice person!! ^____^ And her necklaces are so cute!! *is in love with it*
    13. Maerjanthra bought a Puki Snow OUtfit from me. Communication was fast and friendly, payment was prompt, and the entire transaction went very smoothly. :) Thanks, and enjoy your dress!
    14. sold Maerjanthra some white puki shoes
      she was very understanding when i had left the items at home for the week,
      i sent her a little cape and another pair of shoes for her patience ^^

      over all she is very nice to deal with and i would be happy to sell to her again ^^
    15. I bought a pair of pukihands from Maerjanthra,
      they arrived very quickly and in perfect state.
      I got a free cape from her too.
      An excellent seller!
    16. Maerjanthra bought a corset set for MSD from me! She paid fast and was very lovely to deal with!^___^
    17. Maerjanthra bought a pair of eyes from me. everything went well and sorry for the late feedback.