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Feedback for MaggieMoonbeam

Jun 20, 2007

    1. Hi---if we have had a transaction together, please leave feedback for me here!
      thank you
    2. Maggie commissioned a SD sweater from me. Very patient with the time it took to knit, and paid immediately when I was ready to mail. In fact, she was willing to pay before I even started the sweater. - Barb in MA
    3. Just sold several items to Maggie and it is a good transation.
      She is a good buyer with quick payment and nice communication. ^^
    4. One positive for MaggieMoonbeam :)

      She bought MNF shoes from me. Transaction ended smoothly and it was indeed comfortable.

      Thank you very much :D
    5. I sold a School Head A to MaggieMoonbeam. It was a great transaction.
      Really fast payment and good communication.
      Thanks a lot.
    6. MaggieMoonbeam bought a Luts shirt and a pair of boots from me ^^
      Good communication, paid quickly....a very good buyer!
      Thanks! :D
    7. MaggieMoonbeam purchased a pair of SD13 hands from me. Great communication, fast payment, everything you could ask for. Definitely recommended.
    8. I've sold MaggieMoonbeam a pair of zouk eyes and SD13 boots, and she was wonderful throughout.

      prompt payment, polite and friendly ^-^ i'll definitely recommend her to any seller \(∩_∩ )
    9. I sold MaggieMoonbeam a scalemail outfit. She was great with communication, and very fast to pay.

      I would recommend her highly!

      Thank you Maggie!
    10. Maggie has purchased items from my Etsy shop on two seperate occasions. She is a pleasure to deal with, paid quickly, and let me know when the items arrived. Would happily deal with again. Thanks!
    11. MaggieMoonbeam purchased a few things from me all at once. She paid quickly and let me know they arrived safely. It was a friendly transaction. I'd recommend her to anyone.
      Thanks sos much,
    12. I recently sold a doll to Maggie.
      She paid extremely fast and was a pleasure to do business with!
    13. MaggieMoonbeam bought a pair of Tensiya Hound pants from me and the transaction couldn't have gone quicker or smoother! I'd highly recommend this buyer to anyone. Thank you very much!
    14. Maggie bought a pair of boots from me. Fast replies, prompt payment, and overall friendly. Highly recommended!
    15. Maggie was wonderful to deal with! I recently sold a doll to her. She had great communication, paid promptly and was very pleasant to me throughout the whole experience. Thank you Maggie!
    16. Sold a pair of shoes to Maggie, very prompt payment and good communication. Thanks again ^^
    17. I sold a Luts Senior Delf outfit to Maggie. She paid immediatley and acknowledged with a thank you when she received it. Thanks Maggie for a perfect transaction.
    18. As a buyer, Maggie paid promptly and had good communication ^^ Thanks.
    19. a very quick payer very polite enjoyable to do bussiness with ^_^
    20. MaggieMoonbeam bought a Lishe from me. She paid promptly and was super to deal with. Good communication and she acknowledged when the doll arrived.