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Feedback for MagickDraven

Feb 16, 2007

    1. Um, self-explanitory, really... XD Anyways, please make sure and let people know what a wonderful person I am to deal with! :aheartbea
    2. (Whoot. XD I was wondering if you were ever going to have one.)

      MagickDraven is an excellent person to work with. She makes all her payments on time and is extremely patient, too.

      Most people deal with the transaction and that's the last they're likely to hear of each other. She bought two of my DoDs a while back and we're now buddies. Doesn't happen often. XD
    3. MagickDraven was wonderful to work with! :D
      Not a single problem and I'd be more then happy to deal with her again :)
    4. MagicDraven is awesome to deal with! She pays instantly, is very patient and couldn't be nicer! Thanks again! :D
    5. Draven purchased a BW Luts body from me and the transaction was smooth! Would deal with Draven anytime! Thanks!!!!
    6. I recently purchased an Iplehouse boy body from Magickdraven, and it was a nice, smooth transaction -- I 'm pleased! :celebrate

      Thanks again!
    7. she bought my DoC U and a few extras (pants and such) from me on layaway! it was a very smooth transaction, good communication and very friendly! i highly recommend ^^
    8. I just bought an Iplehouse Sylvia from MagickDraven
      The transaction was awesome! She was prompt and nice and I would absolutely do business with her again! :D

    9. I bought a SoulDoll Marvin head from Draven - she's really sweet to deal with and very helpful. Thanks again~!
    10. Just purchased a DZ boy body, and am very pleased with it - she was really communicative and the shipping was extremely fast! And there were some lovely extras in the box (which I hope were intended). <3
    11. I sold a type 2 CP girl body to MagicDraven and she was wonderful to deal with. Very friendly and prompt with replies and payment. Definitely a recommended buyer. :)
    12. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^v
    13. I entered a Lu-wen split with MagickDraven, she got the full doll and I got the Vamp head. She is excellent to do business with! My boy got here in a matter of days! And she kept great communication! Thanks again so much for getting my dream boy here, MD! <3<3

      Highly recommended!
    14. MagickDraven was a participant in my twenty-fourth Leekeworld POV order and was a remarkable participant through and through. Invoices were taken care of swiftly and communication from their end was kept up astoundingly well. I've nothing left to say short of the fact that I'd be more than happy to do business with them again in the future.

    15. MagicDraven bought a SSDF Body from me and everything went wonderfully.
      She was very polite during the negotiations, in all her messages, and made all the payments in time.
      I'd gladly do business with her again in the future!

    16. MagicDraven did a split with me for a luts doll set. She paid quickly and was wonderful to work with, and I would not hesitate to reccomened her to anyone!
    17. MagickDraven participated in my Leeke GO and also commissioned me for a pair of doll horns. It was a WONDERFUL transaction and I would not hesitate to do business again. I had a few holdups between Hurricane Sandy and schoolwork, but she was incredibly kind and understanding. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
    18. MagickDraven adopted my ringdoll pan, and everything was wonderful! she paid promptly and provided great communication, and even let me know when he came in! I would highly recommend her to anyone!
    19. I purchased my Dikadoll Shall from MagickDraven. The entire transaction was perfect! She was always polite, quick to respond, and even delivered the doll to me in person. We live fairly close together and she was kind enough to deliver him to me. The doll is in great condition. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again!!! Great seller. :)
    20. I just had a wonderful transaction with Magic Draven. We meetup local. Dolly drug deal in McDonald parking lot went smoothly. She was very nice hope to do more business with her in the future.