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feedback for magicleyla

Aug 9, 2006

    1. hi!
      I have bought a few things here on the marketplace/ebay from members of DOA.

      cp luts soony
      some underwear
      a ying dollzone doll
      volks msd pureskin body
      volks marry head oldskin

      please give me feedback ;)
    2. Fantastique!! >3

      She payed the day that she said that is willing to pay, the money arrived perfect, and she's very kind ò.o

      Positive +1!
    3. Thank you for the feedback! You were also very kind! Willing also to add wig, eyes and eyelashes ^^ please let me know if you also have a feedback topic, so I can leeve feedback as soon as I have the little girls head ^^
    4. MagicLeyla is very friendly, fast with payment,,thanks so much!!! :)
    5. Thank you for the feedback! You were also very friendly! And very very fast shipping!! wow! If you also have a feedback topic let me know ^^
    6. MagicLeyla,a friendly buyer.I am so glad that could sell you the Ying and became friends^^
      Thank you!
    7. Thank you for the feedback, you are also a goodseller! Fast and friendly service!! Love to do bussiness again my friend!
    8. Hi,

      I sold some underwear to MagicLeyla; recieved payment quickly and all went well! Thanks!
    9. Thank you very much for the feedback, Nice underwear and quick delivery!!
    10. Bought some eyelashes from her. She's very fast with shipping, immediately after she got the money she sended them to me.