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Feedback for Magiek~

Jan 17, 2008

    1. Chu~ Guesses I need a feedback thread >.>
      Please leave some feedback if you've done any transaction with me <3
    2. Did a trade with Magiek of a MNF head for some clothes for her doll. The head arrived safely and quickly, and Magiek was a pleasure to deal with!
    3. Bought a MNF head from Magiek. Shipped lightning fast! Thank you so much ^_^
    4. I also bought a MNF head from Magiek and could'nt be more pleased! Communication was great and she shipped super-fast after the payment.
      Thank you so much! ^^
    5. I bought a MNF head from Magiek. The transaction was easy and fast. Great communication with speedy delivery. Thank you very much.
    6. Magiek took part in my Luts group order, and everything went perfectly.

      Fast payment, excellent communication, only good things to say ;)

      Thanks so much! <3
    7. Bought an old style Hound body from Magiek and everything went smoothly. She is very responsive and communicated everything really well. Big recommendation! Thank you <3
    8. I purchased a Kid Delf Girl Body from Magiek. Everything went very smoothly. She responded quickly and shipping was super fast. I highly recommend her as a seller!!! :)
    9. I purchased a LUTS SDF Winter 2010 head from Magiek. The transaction was brief, fast, easy, and everything went smoothly. Will be happy to conduct another transaction with her again in the future! Thanks so much~ :D
    10. purchased dc bella and head, good communication and fast shipping. everything good!
    11. Purchased Sard hooves from me. Good communication, paid promptly. Would have more transactions with her in the future! Thank you!
    12. Traded an SD body for her Narin Narae. Perfect communication and just a joy to deal with! Everything went smoothly; highly recommend transactions with Magiek :)
    13. Magiek bought a Migidoll Ryu head from me. She was super polite, communicative, and paid very promptly. The whole transaction went wonderfully smoothly, I would absolutely recommend Magiek! ^^
    14. Did a trade with Magiek she was great with responding quickly and sent my doll super quick. She also helped me and answerd all my questions. I highly recommend her :D
    15. I traded with Magiek. I got a minifee body and she got a littlefee Ante. Comunication was okay... She did warn me that she would be a bit slow with replies. The body was shipped with very little bubble wrap, it was dirty, the body was sueded without my knowing, and the body blushing was chipped. She didn't send the S hook with the neck piece, but did send me $15 or about 3/5 of the price of the new $26 neck piece (without shipping).
      I don't think I would work with her again.
    16. I bought a zaoll body from Magiek on layaway and everything went very well! Very good communication and fast shipping at the last payment, it came in fast and very well packaged :D
      Happy transaction <3
    17. Magiek just bought a pair of acrylic eyes and an Iplehouse SID female body from me. It was a great transaction! She replied to PMs promptly, paid quickly and let me know when the body arrived! I would highly recommend her as a buyer! Thank you again! Enjoy!
    18. Magiek bought a Carina head from me, the transaction was smooth - clear communication and fast payment , I highly recommend her as a buyer and thanks again ^_^
    19. Hello, I bought a pair of Soom Topaz ears from Magiek, the transaction went very well, with good communication, Magiek shipped the ears very fast and well protected. Totally recommend any deal with Magiek. Thank you :)
    20. I participated in a huge split ($$$) and was able to do LA with her which was very helpful. After she recieved and inspected the order items she even RE-packed them better than the original O_o. Much safer for delicate items that suffered minor damage (from company to her) I accepted the item as was (fix was not worth sending it back). Package arrived very fast considering the repair issue ^^.... VERY HAPPY, I am ^^.

      100%+ positive experience and would gladly deal again. ^^