Feedback for Mahgiep

Jul 31, 2018

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback!
    2. Perfect buyer! Mahgiep was incredibly friendly and patient, and let me know when the clothers arrived. I'd be happy to sell to her again. Thank you ♥
    3. Mahgiep bought a SD tank top from me. Smooth transaction, friendly communication, fast payment and she let me know when the clothing arrived. Thank you !
    4. Mahgiep bought a dress from me and it was perfect transaction, thank you!
    5. Perfect buyer! Once Mahgiep decides she's ready to make a purchase, she pays immediately and lets you know as soon as the doll arrives, with photos. I sold Mahgiep an Iplehouse FID Rex, shipped him yesterday and he has already arrived. (Great work by the US Postal Service, too.) I'm happy to do business with Mahgiep again anytime!
    6. I sold Mahgiep a set of mini screwdrivers (props). Excellent transaction! All communication was fast and friendly. Payment was sent immediately and I was notified as soon as the parcel arrived. I would be happy to sell to again and highly recommend as a buyer. Thanks so much for a perfect transaction! :thumbup
    7. @Mahgiep purchased a Dollshe Arsene doll from me. Thank you for your business.

      Communication: very responsive, courteous and clear
      Payment: prompt and on time
      After sale: remains in touch and provides feedback

      Overall good buyer and valued member of the community.
    8. @Mahgiep bought an Idealian Narmer in Tawny from me :). They were EXCELLENT to work with and I'll definitely do business with them again! They had a short layaway which they completed quickly, communicated every step of the way, and were lovely to chat with.
    9. @Mahgiep purchased a Minimee Xiah Junsu head from me, and it was a perfect transaction: prompt, friendly, and communicative throughout. Thank you again for being so great to work with!
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    10. Mahgiep bought some 70cm clothes from me. Paid quickly, good communication and very kind. Would do business again
    11. @Mahgiep Purchased a shirt and a bag from me, the payment was swift and communication was prompt, friendly and communicative.

      Thank you so much :)
    12. Mahgiep purchased a Demiurge Dolls Eagle head from me and was the model buyer. Fast, friendly communication, fast payment, and let me know when he arrived. A highly positive experience.
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    13. Mahgiep purchased a Dollshe Dian head from me - the transaction was flawless: excellent communication, prompt payment, would highly recommend.