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Feedback for MahouBunnyBell

Feb 21, 2007

    1. Well, I've been doing some dealing here, so I might as well make one of these in case I ever want to make a bigger purchase or something.
    2. MahouBunnyBell bought a pair of urethane eyes from me. Payment was fast and she let me know as soon as she received them. She was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks!
    3. I had a super great transaction selling eyes to MahoubunnyBell. Great buyer :D
    4. Excellent transaction with MahoubunnyBell. She purchased some eyes from me, paid immediately and also let me know once they arrived. I would highly recommend her as a buyer.
    5. sold her some shoes - she was lovely, responsive, all good things!! thank you m'dear!! :)
    6. MahouBunnyBell is a lovely person to deal with.our transaction was as smooth as could be.. just a lovely person all around..

      . I highly recommend... : )
    7. MahouBunnyBell bought a hat from me. ^^ She payed super quickly and was very friendly and nice to do business with. Thanks so much!
    8. Did a face up for MahouBunnyBell and she was easy to deal with and I hope to have future transactions with her!
    9. MahouBunnyBell bought some eyes from me and the transaction was flawless. I'd love to do business with her again. :)
    10. MahouBunnyBell bought a doll from me. She paid promptly and the transaction was swift. I recommend her.
    11. It was a real pleasure selling a Thaasa body to MahouBunnyBell. What fun it was to hear her delight. I can hardly wait to see her bjd all put together! Thanks so much!
    12. I have dealed with MahouBunnyBell. She is friendly and I recived quickly payment. truely reliable person. I want to deal with again. Arigatou! :) Miwa
    13. MahouBunnyBell bought an outfit from me, Great communication from the begging to the end. Fast with payment and very friendly. thank you again!xuan.
    14. I traded my Lishe head for her Bada ^^!
      Such a lovely girl, i'm so happy about the trade and our new friendship!
      Just adorable!!!
    15. mahou bought a yo-tenshi yayoi from me. Her payment was super fast and communication was excellent.
    16. MahouBunnyBell bought some clothes from me- fast payment, great communication, great transaction, highly recommend! :)
    17. MahouBunnyBell bought some clothing items from my sale thread. payment was prompt and feedback was left for me once the items safely arrived. Great buyer!
    18. MahouBunnyBell bought outfits from me. Pay quickly and great transaction overall. Would recommend her to anyone. thank you again and sorry for my lateness.x.
    19. MahouBunnyBellbought a little puki Pipi from me, she was quick to pay and pleasant to deal with. thanks, hope you love her!
    20. I purchased a Volks YoTenshi Yayoi from MahouBunnyBell. She was so easy to deal with. From the moment I pm'd her asking questions she was sweet and perfect to communicate with. Til the day Yayoi arrived she kept up great communication with me, letting me know exactly when she had recieved payment, when she had sent the doll out and making sure that the doll ahd arrived. I'd never had anyone so dilligent in making sure that my doll got home perfectly safe to me. :) If I ever have the chance I will be HAPPY to deal with her again.