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feedback for maitalia

Feb 5, 2007

    1. hi ,
      this is a thread for people with whom i have had a transaction , or more ,
      and who may wish to leave me feedback.
      thanks in advance for anyone who is planning to leave me feedback:)
    2. Maitalia bought a head from me in auction. She paid promptly, and was lovely to deal with! Thank you! ^^
    3. MAITALIA bought a modified Unoa faceplate from me, she very nice to deal with. She paid quickly and was in good contact ^^ Thanks!

    4. Maitalia bought from me! She was great to work with, and I would certainly do business with her again! Thanks!! :thumbup
    5. Maitalia commissioned a custom dye job from me, and was very pleasant to work with! Would definitely do business with her again! :)
    6. MAITALIA was in both of my Migidoll group orders. She was very friendly, patient and helpful, good communicator and very trustworthy payor. Thanks so much MAITALIA, it's been a pleasure. I hope you enjoy your many Migi boys! :aheartbea
    7. I recently sold a Flexi body to Maitalia. Layaway payments were always on time and i even got the last one early - never any problems and i always knew what was up. Thanks for an easy transaction!
    8. Another great transaction with Maitalia! She purchased an MSD Misia from me. She is the best!! She paid by money order, kept in great communication, and is a complete doll! I will never hesitate to do business with her! Thanks again! <3
    9. hi everybody,
      there seems to be a minor gender misunderstanding.:sweat
      in the interest of avoiding confusion i thought i should mention that the name
      "misa" stands for "michael"(at least in some europen languages) and that i'm
      a guy rather than a gal, as many fine people i've brought from seem to think;)

      the error is understandable since misa is also a woman's name in asia (as i just found out), just not in this case:lol:

      its not terribly important,and probably nobody will really care,but i did not want to seem that i was presenting myself under"false pretenses":)

      "end of silly clarification"


      • x 2
    10. Hey Misa!! I get it... Like "Misha" is short for Mikhail, which is also a version of Michael.

      In any case you are always wonderful to deal with!
      Thank you for allowing me to paint several of your dolls!

    11. I traded my Ricky Bermont head for Misa's Migidoll Ryu head. The transaction was quick and painless! Communication was friendly and responses quick. Highly recommend transactions with him!

      Thank you Misa for an absolutely wonderful transaction!
    12. Misa traded his WS Ryu head for my NS Ryu head. Transaction was wonderful! Very friendly communication, he even sent his head to me first so that I could inspect it. ^^; The head he traded me was exactly as described. Overall, excellent transaction! I wouldn't hesitate to do more business with him.

      Thank you!!
    13. I traded Miho heads with MAITALIA.
      Throughout the transaction he was super sweet and friendly, and I couldn't be more happier with everything.:)
      Thank you so much Misa, for the wonderful transaction! ^0^ Without you, I wouldn't have my boy!
    14. Maitalia joined in my CrobiDoll grouporder.

      He paid very quickly, and made it very easy for me. :)

      Thank you very much!
    15. Sold a wig to maitalia -- he kept wonderful communication, was very patient and lovely to deal with. Highly recommended, thank you so much again
    16. Due to sad circumstances on my side, I just sold one of my favourite dolls to Misa & I'm so happy since I know he is going to love her as much as I do. Misa paid very quickly for the doll & was very polite & prompt with all PMs. It was an all-around fabulous transaction & I recommend him highly.
      Thank you so much Misa!
      Anna :)
    17. Misa participated in my last FL GO. Very easy to deal with, fast payment and good comms. Would gladly have her participate again.
    18. Misa participated in my second Vincent minimee group order and was wonderful to work with. I can't wait to see his original character from the Jungle book using this great sculpt from Denny! I hope Misa and I cross paths again. Hummm, maybe a Vincent meet up some day?
    19. Misa participated in my Migidoll group order. She paid promptly and kept good communication, just absolutely wonderful to deal with! :)
    20. Maitalia participated in my GO.
      A highly recommended member with prompt payment and good communications!
      Thank you hope to trade with you again!