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Feedback for Maiwenn

Oct 20, 2007

    1. Maiwenn purchased my MSD Mika's default acrylic eyes and she was polite and speedy in her payment to me. Very nice to deal with her.
    2. Thank you, Jung, for starting this thread! It's very sweet of you.

      I've had several transactions with people in the DoA marketplace (I've bought 5 wigs and 4 pairs of eyes so far), all of which have gone smoothly. If you've sold me something, I'd really appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

      Edit: I have two feedback threads now, the other one is located here.
    3. I sold a wig to Maiwenn. She paid promptly, and we actually met up at my school for me to give it to her. She was a very sweet girl and great to deal with. :)
    4. sleep_pattern- You actually made the other thread before this one existed, but I ended up finding this one first. Thank you for posting here too! I'll PM a mod about deleting the duplicate now.
    5. :) I sold a really cute bunny wig to Maiwenn! She is a pleasure to deal with ~ Great buyer and took the time to let me know the package had arrived! A+++
    6. Maiwenn purchased an MSD wig from me and paid me within ten minutes of receiving my PM! It's always very nice to have promptly paying buyers who are very friendly and sweet in their correspondence. I highly recommend her as a buyer. Thank you so much for your purchase, Maiwenn!
    7. I sold a wig to Maiwenn and it was local pickup. Maiwenn is very friendly and great to deal with. So eager to pay me before checking the item, lol :P Thank u! :)
    8. Just finished up a transaction with Maiwenn and it was fabulous!! A pleasure to deal with.

    9. Sold a wig to Maiwenn. She paid very promptly and was very friendly and polite throughout the whole transaction. :whee: She also let me know as soon as her wig arrived. Will definitely deal with again, thanks so much!
    10. Sold a fur wig, fast pay, great comunication and very friendly person, recomended much^^
      Thanks so much!
    11. Very pleasant transaction;] Thanks!
    12. I sold a MSD wig to Maiwenn. She is a nice and prompt buyer. It is so happy to deal with her.
    13. Maiwenn bought some eyes from me and it was such a lovely easy transaction.
      Immediate payment and great communication but above all she is really a sweetheart.
      I would highly recommend her to anyone :D Thank you so much!
    14. Maiwenn bought the pair of RuddyPeach Glass Eyes from me.
      Nice buyer and fast payment. Highly Reacommend~^O^/

      I hope I will trade with you again~Thanks a lot~m(_ _)m
    15. Maiwenn bought a wig from me and we had a great and easy transaction!

      Thank you! :)
    16. I sold a wig to Maiwenn and it was an excellent transaction. She paid and communicated promptly and was very pleasant to deal with. Thanks again!
    17. Sold a pair of MSD boots to Maiwenn, had a great transaction, lovely comms, many thanks! :)
    18. Maiwenn was part of a Leekeworld Group Order that I hosted. It was a pleasure dealing with her - great communication, prompt payment and she went out of her way to pick up her items. :D Thank you for a smooth transaction!
    19. Maiwenn bought a pair of MSD shoes from me and it was a lovely transaction.
      She paid promptly and the communication was a pleasure.
      Thank you!
    20. Maiwenn bought a pair of MSD shoes from me. Very prompt and pleasant to deal with!