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Feedback for malachi

Jan 16, 2009

    1. well, i officially jumped into my first group order on DOA and figured i should start a feedback thread accordingly.

      any feedback about selling to, buying from or just general dealings with me would be awesome here!

    2. malachi was in my Iplehouse GO - paid fast, pleasant to work with! :) I'd definitely have malachi back in any future orders. :D
    3. malachi purchased my Heliot Master Hands..has great communication, and paid super fast..was a perfect transaction!! :D thanks again...
    4. Sold a Soom Super Gem body to Malachi. Props dear, you were super super understanding! Patient with me despite any number of headaches on my end I only wish there hadn't been so many complications. I really am SO sorry about that.

      Despite that she has been very very nice and in every way reasonable through the entire ordeal. I'm SO glad the body reached you safely...may all your future transactions on DOA be less complex and frustrating than this one.

      Thank you once more for your patience darling! And as mentioned in the note...please feel free to make a request...I'll happily draw you a picture as my means of apologizing for all the trouble. *bows down at your feet*
    5. Malachi ran a split for Soom Monthly Doll Amber which I took part of. She is a great communicator and shipped super fast! Can't recommend her enough.
    6. Malachi got an Amber wig from me and was an excellent split partner. ^__^ Very good communication and quick replies. Thank you so much!
    7. Hi, sold malachi a Soom Glati. Lovely to work with. Highly recommend. Thanks very much and enjoy!!
    8. I did a trade with malachi and it went very well! The doll I received was everything I wanted in him. Thanks very much. Would gladly do a transaction with malachi any time!
    9. I bought Galena's head, outfit, and eyes from her. She was compleatly understanding when real life kicked my arse, and was un able to make one of the arrange payments. She is great shipper, fast to respond to messages and just a dear to work with! I would happily work with Malachi again!
    10. ~~Positive Feedback~~
      I bought Galena wings from Malachi, the item arrived safely and well-packaged, communication was awesome and friendly
      Item was exactly as described and I'm very happy with this transation ^_^~.
    11. I bought Soom Heliot with Sard hooves from malachi. We had a long - but very friendly - discussion, as there are problems with shipping from Canada to Russia. However, finally malachi managed to find the shipping option that was suitable for us both. And now the doll with pleasant extras is here :). It was packed very well and arrived safely. Nice to have a deal with this seller^^.
    12. I bought a Super Gem body from malachi and it was a perfect transaction in every way!! Responsive, friendly emails and very fast shipping! I'd happily do business with her any time!!
    13. I sold a Soom Mylo boy to malachi and she was a joy to work with. She sent payment very fast and responded to all messages quickly. I'd be happy to do business with her once again.