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Feedback for Mama-Snoopy

Nov 28, 2010

    1. This is my feedback thread, I hope to gather up some good feedback. Please leave it here if you have done business with me.

      Thank you!
    2. I bought a few clothing items from Mama-Snoopy and the transaction was absolutely pleasant from start to finish. She was super nice, shipped quickly, everything was well-packaged and she even sent a sweet gift along as well. I'd buy from her again anytime. :aheartbea
    3. Bought a couple of clothes from Mama-Snoopy. She was very nice and friendly and I'd love to deal with her again. Thanks!
    4. I bought a mnf turtleneck shirt from mama-snoopy, she shipped it fairly quickly and it arrived in perfect condition, thanks! :chocoberry
    5. I bought a shirt from Mama-Snoopy and the transaction was great! Thank you very much. :)
    6. I bought a few clothing items from Mama-Snoopy. She was very nice and friendly and I'd love to deal with her again. Thank you very much
    7. Mama-Snoopy sold a pair of mini doll size shoes to me. Arrived today in fine condition.
    8. Jen purchased my Fairyland Puki Pipi & paid me immediately. Thank you so much, it was a pleasure selling to you!
    9. I bought a Puki Madeleine from Mama Snoopy. She sent her quickly and even included an extra outfit. Thank you!
    10. I bought a handful of pukipuki items from Mama-Snoopy - It shipped the day after I paid for it and arrived fast. :3 I'd buy from her again! <3
    11. Mama-Snoopy bought via long layaway a MNF shiwoo. Smooth transaction and very serious buyer. A+++++++

      I bought some Puki-puki clothes and shoes from Mama-Snoopy on March 9th. After receiving nothing for two weeks, I PMed her with no response. I then emailed her Paypal address and received a story about several bad things happening and how she would try to get the items sent. Two more weeks passed. Still nothing arrived. I PMed her again, with no response.

      I finally had to resort to a Paypal dispute. The money was refunded with a note from her Son-in-Law, with an expanded story about more bad things. However, I see from the above note that all these things did not stop Mama-Snoopy from buying an item.

      It wasn't much money but what was bad was the lack of communication. If something goes wrong, let a buyer know right away. As it was, I gave Mama-Snoopy MORE THAN A MONTH before I took any action.

      I will not be doing business with her again.
    13. I bought a MNF Chiwoo from Mama-Snoppy. The doll was in good condition and I received him safely, well packed and exactly as described, but it took her 2 weeks to send him because of a personal problem, I was left a week without news onces I paid...