Feedback for Mamba

Oct 20, 2016

    1. Hi all! I just had my first transaction on DOA, and I have a feeling there will be many more very soon . If you have had a transaction with me, please leave me know, so I can buy even more stuff! Thanks all.....and love to Flutter, whom I blame for all of this❤️
    2. Mamba bought some doll clothes from me and the transaction was smooth and wonderful with the buyer being very prompt with superb communication. I would love to deal with her again. :)

    3. Mamba bought an Iplehouse Chase, and overall it was great and friendly communication. I'm happy the doll has a new home where he'll be appreciated. The transaction was quick and easy, and I definitely would buy or sell to her in the future. I definitely recommend her!

      Thank you!
    4. I sold some Monique wigs to Mamba and all was really perfect !! Very fast payment and friendly communication ! I recommend her for all transactions. Thank you very much :-)
    5. Mamba purchased some EID clothing from me and was quick to pay and great communication. A very smooth transaction.
    6. Mamba purchased a Victorian style outfit from me and she was great to work with! Perfect transaction, very friendly, fast to respond and make payment. I hope we cross paths again, I definitely recommend her!
      Thanks Mamba!
    7. Mamba participated in a Tata's Paradise group order I hosted. :D

      Her order was clear, all communication was quick, and payments were very prompt. :) She was a pleasure to have in the GO, and I'd be happy to have her join one in the future.

      Thanks so much Mamba!
    8. Mamba bought a ‘Ragges by Reba’ gown - she was a delight to work with!
      Super speedy paypal - AND - she let me know when the gown arrived and
      that she was pleased with it. Thank you for a *wonderful* transaction!!!!
    9. Positive Transaction

      I sold some 8mm eyes to Mamba and it was an excellent transaction. Communication was fast and friendly, payment was immediate and I was left feedback immediately after the eyes arrived. All around great buyer and I’d be happy to sell to her again! Thanks so much!
    10. Highly recommended!
      Mamba purchased some 8mm eyes from me, excellent transaction.
      Transaction was perfect...great communication, fast payment, and super friendly.
      Thank You.