Feedback for Manami

Dec 11, 2006

    1. If I have bought something from you or you have bought something from me please post here!
      I also have feedback on ebay under the username "raincity206", it's my familys account.
    2. Manami bought Dress from me.

      All of her mails were speedy and very polite. Payment was fast :)
      Manami is a great pleasure to deal with!!

      I highly recommend Manami :aheartbea
      Thank you very much!!!!!
    3. I have not bought from her yet, but I have talked with her about the perchase of her items. She prices them well, replies promptly to emails, and is very pleasant. If i can find the monies I will buy from her soon.

    4. Manami recenly purchased my Cyndy Version II. She is extremely polite and a real pleasure to deal with. Great communication, speedy just doesnt get any better than this. Would not hesitate to do business with her again, and highly recommend her. It was very difficult for me to sell Cyndy...but I am very glad that it was Manami who adopted her. =))
    5. Manami bought some clothes from me and was very sweet! A super easy transaction! ^__^
    6. Paid very promptly, very recommended as a trustworthy person. :D
    7. Bought a kimono from me. Paid very quickly and kept up communications throughout the whole transaction. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks!
    8. :) Positive!!!

      Manami participated in my first group order ^.^. Even though dollmore was kind of slow getting our stuff out, she was really patient and paid like SUPAR quick! I'd definitely sell or split with her again in an instant! Totally recommended buyer :).
    9. Manami is wonderful to work with. I helped her purchase a yukata from Volks and she paid me very quickly. Even though I was sick and haven't replied to PM's for a few days, she was very patient and has always kept in contact with me. highly recommend her!
    10. More good feedback for Manami! We just had another excellent transaction!
    11. Manami bought a dress set from me :) She has been wonderful to deal with, fast payment and great communication! :D
    12. Manami is an excellent buyer. She purchased a set from me, paid as promised and let me know that it arrived safely.
    13. Manami sold a pair of SD16B h.NAOTO Silver Boots to me.
      Super-duper fast and trouble-free transaction. Boots were EXCELLENTLY and SECURELY packaged! Nice communications, too. Thank you!:daisy
    14. Positive feedback for Manami again :fangirl:

      Manami bought YSD hands from me and all of transaction was perfect :)
      Very nice communication, polite PMs and quick payment!!

      Manami is a very nice buyer and I highly recommend Manami :thumbup
      Thank you very much :aheartbea
    15. I worked on a commission for Manami and it was a great experience!
    16. Another positive for Manami :aheartbea

      Very smooth communication and quick payment :)
      Manami is a very nice person and easy to deal with!!

      Thank you very much again~:aheartbea
    17. I'm slow with the feedback, but I had a third fantastic transaction with Manami not long ago! ^__^
    18. Manami joined my Bambicrony group order.

      Communication with her was great! She paid very promptly, and was very nice to work with. :)
    19. (^_^) P O S I T I V E !

      I bought a SD Luna From Manami and I couldn't be happier with the transaction!
      Even though I had some trouble with my PayPal account she was very patient and understanding.
      She sent the package fast and it was very well marked and packed!
      Emails went back and forth fast so communication was smooth~~ :)

    20. I sold an outfit Manami to and she paid quickly and was very nice to work with. Thank You!! ^_^