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Feedback for mandagore

Mar 15, 2008

    1. Please post feedback for me in this thread if you have completed a transaction with me! Thank you very much :chocoberry

    2. Mandagore commissioned an outfit from me, and was a complete joy to work with! She paid promptly, and kept in contact throughout. I would happily reccomend her :)
    3. Mandragore commissioned a set of rings from me and was a pleasure to work with :). Great communication and lovely to talk with during the process. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her.
    4. Mandagore commissioned / bought some outfits for Jessica EID IPLEHOUSE . :)
      Very friendly, quick payment and good communication. Thanks so much!
      I'd do business with them again in a heartbeat. Thanks!!! :D
    5. I had an awesome transaction with Mandagore. Great communication, super nice to deal with and I have never known anyone to ship so fast!!! Highly recommended. :) :) :)
    6. I purchased an Iplehouse Akando from Mandagore. Doll was exactly as described, friendly communciation and speedy shipping. Many thanks!
    7. I'm bought a DS Hound from Mandagore. Everything went fine and quickly. I have the very best impressions from dealing with her. She was a responsible, disciplined seller. Kept me informed through all transaction
    8. I bought a Soom Onyx from Mangadore. There was great communication throughout the entire process, she was understanding of my payment plan. She was shipped quickly, and everything was exactly as described! I am so happy with my newest doll :D
    9. Great buyer! Prompt payment and very thoughtful :)
    10. Bettina adopted my F31 boy this month and everything went smoothly. She paid promptly, communication was always a pleasure and she let me know how everything was going on her end every step of the way. Thank you so much for giving him a great new home!
    11. I've had a very positive transaction with Mandagore. She bought me a school C head and she paid instantly. She's very communicative and understanding, responds very quickly to the private messages and always takes care of the transaction. Thank you very much for take him (although it's "her" now =D)
    12. I bought a DZ Ying/Kage from Mandagore . She was very sweet and sent him very quickly......I love this doll , I have a real soft spot for DZ 70cm boys :) Hope to buy from this DoA member again one day and I highly recommend her to everyone :D;)
    13. Had a great transaction with Mandagore. She's a very friendly seller and shipped promptly.
      The doll was as described.
      Thank you. ^^
    14. I bought Elfdoll Mir from Mandagore and I'm absolutely positively impressed. The communication was nice and prompt; she shipped the doll exactly the same day, it was packed in the original box (very carefully and lovingly!) with all the extras as described in her sales thread. The doll itself was in great condition and exactly as described. I am not just satisfied - I'm very happy with this transaction!
    15. I bought a pair of Littlefee hands from Mandagore, everything went fine, she was very friendly and the hands are lovely^^.
    16. Had a great transaction. She answered questions quickly, shipped really fast and was a pleasure to deal with. My girl is lovely.
    17. I bought a head from mandagore. (how that sounds lol 8D) her sister and her are so nice.
      Well it was really well packed and in super good quality. Also it arrived very quick. Glad to have done this! Anytime again, honeys. <3
    18. I bought Volks School C head from Mandagore. Communication was very nice and positive. Shipping was fast and the head arrived very well packed. I really can't wish for more.
      Thank you very much for your care and kindness!
    19. bought a Souldoll Morse from Mandagore and everything went perfect. Doll was just as described and well packed, the communication was so friendly and smooth and she was the most perfect person to do doll shopping with. My full recommendations and Thank You!
    20. I purchased a soulkid from mandagore. It was a wonderful transaction - great communication and the doll was perfect, even better than the pictures. I hope to interact with her again.