Feedback for Mandy Pandy XD

Sep 11, 2006

    1. Heeeeeeeelloooooooooo NURSE! And all you peoples who I've done buisness with. It would be very kind of you and I would appreciate it a lot if you would make a brief post about our transaction. :D

      I also have over 80 positive feedbacks on ebay under the username xcaliber19 :)
    2. I recently bought her msd Megi from her. The transaction was perfect and shipping was excellent! No problems at all perfect seller!
    3. Mandy Pandy commissioned me for a face-up, she's sweet as sugar to deal with!

    4. Bought a shirt from me awhile ago. Super prompt payment and notified me of the item's arrival. Pleasure to do business with.
    5. Hi everyone, I just completed a transaction with Mandy-Pandy and it was fantastic. She is so nice. I bought a limited white Cosette boy head from her. Shipping was fast, and the little head is great!

      I HIGHLY recommend her. I would do biz with her again in a heartbeat. :aheartbea

      ~ Divi
    6. :D :aheartbea :love
      Mandy is a great buyer! :)
      My Wishel has a great new home! *pets Ringo*
    7. Mandy Pandy joined a group order run by me. She kept in contact and made all payments promptly. :)
      A+ :thumbup
    8. Sold a pair of panties to Mandy. ^^ Quick payment, and such a pleasure to communicate with!
    9. sold mandy socks I commissioned for her and the transaction was wonderful! Paid promply and stayed right on communication! I would love to have future businesses with her ^_^
    10. She commissioned a face up from me, and was very nice and patient ^^ A joy to deal with. Thank you again!
    11. I bought a default AR LF Jade wig from Mandy Pandy some time ago^_^ The wig was in wonderful condition when it arrived, and me and my boy loved it <3

      If I get to make another transaction with her again, I wouldn't hesitate to^___^
    12. I have been talking back anf forth with Mandy Pandy for a few days. It's not a transaction we have been doing, but she has been helping me out with a problem of mine. This girl is the sweetest and I hope one day to have the experiance of a transaction with her. Thanks Mandy.

    13. Bought a BF Xiao head and it was a great transaction!
    14. Bought a doll from Mandy Pandy, and another very smooth transaction!
    15. Mandy was in my Dollmore Order and was wonderful to work with ^^ Fast payment! Great transaction!
    16. Bought a Wishel from Mandy everything was wonderful :) I hope you find your new Ringo soon :)
    17. Mandy Pandy bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when items arrived. Wonderful to do business with.
    18. I just adopted a orientdoll vampire dong doll from Mandy and she shipped SUPER quick! There was great communication and all ended up being a great transaction. Thank you for the extra treats, Mandy! That was totally sweet. Please take care of yourself with Hurricane Gustav coming.
    19. Mandy bought a doll from me; communication was excellent and payment was super fast. Thanks for a smooth and wonderful transaction; it was a pleasure doing business with you! Highly Reccommended :)
    20. I bought a doll from Mandy and she was very friendly! She also was kind enough to do a layaway for me, and shipped quickly once the doll was paid for! An awesome seller, I would not hesitate to buy from her again!