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Feedback for Mangorevolver

May 24, 2006

    1. miumiulove has been amazing! she's answered all my questions and has been so kind and very easy to communicate with. biggest box ever for just a head but shiney (like a gift box) :) and was nice enough to send me a thankyou card :D very smooth transaction!
      I love my juri (Rukia) :D

      Thanks miumiulove
    2. MNF Chiwoo (Gin), AnotherSpace outfit and goggles arrived next day ^^ with lots of gifts :)
      Thankies again miumiulove!
    3. I'm glad to hear this ^__^
      Anyone else have something to contribute?

    4. muimuilove is fabulous :P

      my lady sylvie head arrive very speedy and very safe :D

      :D :D
    5. Yay! I can hardly wait for my doll to arrive. Has anyone heard from her since Tuesday? Though I know she said she would be away for awhile, I'm still hoping to hear from her.

      Edit: Just checked my email, and she emailed me! Thank you Sae for the additional email addy, it came in extra handy!

    6. Great Seller ! I just recieved my new Kohya and he is wonderful! I just posted some pictures so you all could welcome him. Miumiulove said Kohya was wonderful and he is everything I hoped for. Great emails and let me know step for step what was going on. I wish her all the best. Thanks
    7. Its not problem! Don't apologise! I just want it all to get there okay too! >_<! I know how I would feel in your position, so i really really don't mind. There is nothing worse than an unresponsive seller when your waiting for something important!
    8. I bought my Babette from her (MSD Toppi). Ridiculously smooth transaction. No problems at all. Yay. a good seller.
    9. Thanks Nononanoon :)
    10. Recieved my doll yesterday! Perfect, I'm in love :aheartbea. I spent all of yesterday customizing him, now I just need to find a name. Thanks Miumiulove/Mangorevolver!

    11. I didn't even notice this thread...

      I bought Mio outfit from miumiulove/mangorevolver and got my item on Tuesday just fine.
    12. She's a great seller, I'm sorry the mail made it harder for the body to get here, but I finally got it and I'm very happy cause my floating head now has a body! YAY!!

      Thanks, mangorevolver for your patience and for keeping me updated ^^
    13. As of 2007

      SOLD TO

      MysticalMaz - CP Normal skin Body - received
      ^EvilAngel^ - Tan Kiss - Despatched
      whitebread - Kill U Head - Received
      random_birth - Juri2006 - received
      Stasie - CP The Moon - received
      suryaslight - Bernard - received
      boo_chan - El - despatched
      miffimifster - Nanuri - despatched
      amaeta - Gene head - despatched


      Crescent_p - SD13 Syo Head - Received :aheartbea
      Kaede - SD13 Tony Head - Received :aheartbea
      Monicax86 - SD10 Ushiwakamaru Head - Received :aheartbea
      Suryaslight - SD13 Emma Head - Received :aheartbea
      Mid - MSD F09 - Received :aheartbea
      Flurry_of_flames - School A head - Received :aheartbea
      Sakuraevolution - School C - Received :aheartbea
      Sintex - Tohya Mod - Received :aheartbea
      Kaede - f17 head - Received :aheartbea
      CL - Michael head - Waiting
    14. Wonderful buyer, paid quickly and great communication! Highly recommended :daisy x
    15. Sold mangorevolver my Syo head, Paid super fast, Very nice to deal with Highly recommended ^^ Thank you~
    16. Brill seller, I bought my boy mnf Shiwoo.. arrived very fast with extras and few weeks late bought a body from her, woukd def buy again, very happy.

    17. once again a lovely seller, bought red and moon from her ^^ arrived very quickly :D would buy from her again and again.
      Would recommend to everyone
      Thanks mangobunny :) *again*
    18. Such a sweet and wonderful buyer! Pays promptly and keeps perfect communication~

      Would deal with her again anyday!
    19. 11th January, 2007 - received PM regarding Volks School-C Head
      14th January, 2007 - billed Mangorevolver via PayPal
      15th January, 2007 - received payment via PayPal

      Mangorevolver was a great buyer to work with. Her responses to my PMs were always quick. I would be more than happy to do business with her again :)
    20. Awsome buyer. Very fast payment, very good email contact. Mangorevolver is sweet, kind person and great to deal with :). Thank you so much :D!