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Feedback for Manyako

Apr 30, 2010

    1. well i think i might be shopping or selling more on DoA so i wanted to start a feedback Thread....be as honest as you can and please let me know where i can improve!
      Thank you:)
    2. Hello, I sold a Domuya event head to manyako and was paid quickly. Communication was great and was very pleasant to deal with.
      Thanks again!
    3. I sold an NS Sephiroth MNM Head to Manyako Paid really quick, Communication was great and very pleasant to deal with :)
    4. Positive, manyako was a dream to deal with, she had great communication, and pay exactly when she aid she would. I would highly recommend her to any one.
    5. i think you meant to say he!
    6. Manyako bought a wig from me, she had excellent communication, was clear in what she wanted and was EXTREMELY pleasant to talk to. It was really pretty good all around! Thanks so much!
    7. manyako bought a dress from me, fast payment, nice communication. thanks
    8. I entered a trade with Manyako.
      Communication was great; prompt.
      Package was secure.
      Over-all; a very good trades-person.
      I would gladly do business with Manyako again. ^___^

      Thank You
    9. Bought a wig from Manyako. Trade went well, communication was good, delivery was fast.

    10. I didn't want to leave bad feedback cuz i'm a pushover and blamed myself for not making sure that I was buying something of the quality I expected but after some thought I figured I'd be doing any future customers a disservice.

      What I previously said was true but the quality of the wig was not what I saw in the photograph provided in the sale thread. I needed the wig for a gift swap but this is not something I would willingly gift to anyone. It was terribly made with hot glue and just really nasty looking.
    11. Bought a blonde and pink wig made by Manyako. and a red and black one. i was told on them being send that they would need to be conditioned which is fine with me :3 totally! :D they arrived really fast and packaged well.

      I was a little disappointed with some loose threading visible and that the blonde and pink one, had some black..glue like stuff in the hair. BUUUT i will hold judgement on this for the moment as i have not conditioned them yet! (^^ ) so its all fine with me really. pictures can be deceptive a little i think, but they are wonderful style and concept and really nice quality hair, even willing to throw me together some custom ones later in the future! :) great friendly service and very understanding person. I will take pictures of them and place them up once conditioned and stuff.

      i think to avoid such negative comments like the ones prior to this a possible price reduction for custom and regular made wigs. many go to companies because they know they will pay $16 - $30 on a wig not custom and have it arrive perfect new condition no problems etc. people will expect company standards if paying the same amount as it, from anybody else. start small work up to the bigger picture. less damage for rep and customer relation. :3
    12. I purchased a Domuya WS D1- Flexi Perennial Male from Manyako. The transaction was very easy and communication was great. Delivery was fast and the body was in great condition. Thank you very much.
    13. I was apart of the free wig group- the wig was pretty good- looking at other comments on this thread- his work has changed a lot- you can see the sewn hairline- but its not terribly noticable when you take pictures- [​IMG]. (yeah crappy photo...) I do question the black glue on the roots- but I suspect it's his way of making black roots- like he told me he was going to do. :) I really do like the wig- its cute for the doll im going to get soon. I suggest to keep and eye on Manyako- just in case your wary of the quality- eventually he'll be super pro. Good work yo!
    14. i purchased a handmade human hair wig from manyako. i wish to do the beautiful wig justice and take a good picture of it. yes: i said: BEAUTIFUL WIG. it was created exactly as i requested and i cannot be happier with it. it is a gorgeous two-tone brown/black. it is sleek and soft and full. :D

      i was very happy with how it was packed and shipped. communication with manyako was prompt. once he undstood what i wanted, he magically created it. i could not be happier with the wig or the transaction. i intend to recommend the wigs to my friends and i, personally, would not hesitate to order more.

      Thank you, manyako ! :aheartbea
    15. I commissioned a wig from Manyako and am VERY VERY disappointed with this whole situation.
      The wigs are not even worth HALF of what he charges! Also overcharges for First Class/badly packaged shipping!

      Here is the PAGING THREAD

      I would NEVER do business with Manyako EVER again and I do NOT recommend anyone else commission these wigs from him.