Feedback for Mara

Jun 5, 2006

    1. Mara's possibly the best seller I've ever dealt with the whole time I've been on DoA. She's patient and courteous, and always replied to all my PMs promptly. Professionalism got an A+, because she even took the time to take a picture of the package before she sent it out to show that it's on its way, aside from all the extra pictures of the chairs I asked her to take for me.

      The chairs were very secure in the package, and came insured and with a delivery confirmation. I can't praise her enough for this smooth transaction. She's an amazing seller, you have nothing to worry about when you're dealing with her!
    2. Mara's equation is Mara = Awesome x TACOS x LOOK AT HER DOLLS

      XD I am glad to have helped her out in getting a wig from Volks and she is a A+++ buyer with wit to match! I am especially fond of her appreciation of the certain ethnic boxes and wrappings :aheartbea
    3. Mara participated in my Luts group order, and was just an absolute delight from start to finish. She was prompt with payment, took direction very well, and followed the Group order guidlines to a T;)... I wouldn't hesitate to do buissness with her again:)
    4. I did a partial trade with Mara, and she was simply a pleasure to deal with! Her communications and payment were quick and the trade items were sent promptly and were not only as described, but also adorably packaged. :daisy I would definitely recommend her!
    5. Just got my item from a transaction we had, and I can honestly say that was one of the nicest, friendliest transactions I've ever had on this board! Mara's done me a kindness and I won't soon forget it.
    6. I've bought a pair of eyes from Mara, they're simply beautiful and she's really kind and communicative. Thank you!!! Would deal again in the future!
    7. Mara is great! I got a Big O cosplay from her and it's SO CUTE! Mara also was a sweetheart and we chatted a bit and was one of the most friendly and sweet sellers I've come across in a while! Thanks Mara!
    8. I bought some clothing from Mara and everything was perfect! :aheartbea
    9. Mara bought an MSD Yukata from me, and was very lovely! Her payment was quick and she was great to work with. Would definitely do business with again!
    10. I bought the Volks SD/SD13 Girl Kimono Set from Mara.

      Communication was very quick and pleasant. She answered all my questions and was very patient and understanding with me. It was so nice of her to allow me to put the kimono set on hold.

      Shipping was very fast, too! She sent me a message with my tracking number. The package arrived safely and the kimono set was packaged with lots of care and wrapped in a very cute print fabric.

      I highly recommend Mara to everyone and she is a STELLAR seller. Wonderful and pleasant person! :)

      Thank you so very much for letting me have this beautiful kimono and for a lovely transaction. :fangirl:
    11. I bought a fer off Mara and it came very quickly, was packaged very well and it was just an all around great transaction.
    12. Must sing praises for Mara~~ :D
      Bought a pair of hands from Mara!
      The entire transaction was a joy and Mara was really sweet; she even helped me with shipping costs! :')
      Would do business with her again in a *heartbeat*!!
    13. Mara bought a Yo-SD set from me. Throughout the complete transaction, she was an absolute pleasure to deal with (and funny as hell). XD ♥ Thank you for your purchase and the wonderful experience.
    14. I bought a wonderful wig from Mara:)! She's great at communicating and I'm very happy with this transaction. Thanks!
    15. I bought a volks jacket from Mara. Communication was great. She was also nice enough to refund shipping back to me because of a delay in shipping. When I recieved the item, the invoice and thank you notice were very professional too, by far the best I've seen so far with my shopping experience here. Thank you ^^
    16. Mara participated in the recent Leeke order I organized. Super friendly communication, prompt payments; it was totally pleasant. I'd recommend her anytime!

      Thank you!
    17. Mara ordered a pair of optional Yo-SD hands for me! She is sweet and awesome and funny. She kept me updated on whether there were any delays and shipped promptly! Thank you! ♥