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Feedback for Margikins

Aug 22, 2008

    1. Please leave your comments here regarding Marketplace Transactions.

      Thank you very kindly!

    2. I had a delightful transaction with margikins. She bought a lovely little one from me. Payment was very prompt and communication was better than i could ever hope.
      she informed me right away when the package arrived and was over all a dream come true to work with.
    3. I also had a lovely transaction with Margie! She bought a Lati Miel from me. Her communication was charming and friendly. Payment was accomplished very efficiently. She emailed immediatly to let me know the doll had arrived and to share her delight. This was a very gratifying transaction:fangirl:
    4. Margie had the little guy I wanted at a more than reasonable price. She shipped right away and even included boots and shoes for him. Couldn't be nicer!

      Thank you so much, Margie!
    5. Sold puki hands sets to Margikins when smoothly :)
    6. I had a great transaction with Margikins! She was wonderful with communication, paid right away, and let me know when the package arrived.
    7. Margikins bought a pair of littlefee hands from me, it was a smooth and pleasant transaction, she paid fast and has excellent communication. You could not ask for a nicer buyer.
    8. Margikins bought an Ante multi-head from me. She was a great communicator, super friendly - thank you so much!
    9. Margikins bought a B&G Leile from me. She was a very wonderful person and great to communicate with. I had some complications with getting it to her but she understood and was thorough with emails. I was very happy with this transaction!!!

    10. Bought a doll from Margikins! Smooth transaction, and I would recommend her :)
    11. Margie bought a doll from me, and was a lovely person to do a dolly transaction with. She paid straight away and let me know as soon as she arrived safely. Thanks so much!!
    12. Margkins bought a Lati White body from me and it was a perfect transaction. She paid immediately, communication was great and she was fun to talk to. Thank you.
    13. Margkins bought Supia from me and her communication and payment is fast and friendly. Very happy doing business with u ;)
    14. I was privileged enough to have another transaction with Margikins. As always, she was great with pming me, paid when she said she would, and let me know that the package arrived safely. I always worry, especially when I sell dolls out of the country, and it's a lovely courtesy on the buyers part when they let me know asap when the doll arrives.
    15. Margikins bought a Lati white Laches from me. It was an ideal transaction from start to finish. She was such a pleasure to deal with! would definitely do business with hef again!
    16. Margikins bought a Ante face plate from me. The whole interaction was stellar! She communicated well and paid quickly. The whole transaction took less than 4 days! I'd definitely sell to her again!