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Feedback for Mariano G

Oct 22, 2011

    1. Starting this thread for Mariano G

      Laurie Lenz
    2. Positive feedback for Mariano G.

      I've dealt with Mariano on 3 separate occassions. All total I have created 5 custom wigs for him, and one faceup for his Iplehouse Kamau.

      He has excellent communication. Prompt payments. Truly a pleasure to do business with. I would highly recommend doing business with this person.


      Laurie Lenz
    3. Recently sold a custom BJD bench, pillows, and Indian tapestry set to Mariano. As with our last transaction, everything went smoothly. Fast payment, and he was a gentleman. Highly recommended to do business with!
    4. Positive feedback again for Mariano G! Just completed a very exciting project ---his Iplehouse Ashanti. He has excellent communication and walks with me through the whole project --laying out his vision for the doll, and giving feedback during the process. He is always very enthusiastic and encouraging with the final presentation of the doll. I'm so thrilled he loves my work and I really enjoy working with him! We have a similar vision and passion for our dolls. I think that's what makes us so compatible.