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Feedback for Marie

Apr 30, 2008

    1. I sold a head to marie, she paid by check, whichI don't normally do. She was a good communicater and fast payment. I would do business with her again! :)
    2. I bought a head from Marie. She is a great buyer. Extra fast shipping!!

      Thankyou a lot!! A++++
    3. I couldn't find a feedback thread for Marie, so I made one here. Please merge if she has an existing feedback thread.

      I purchased a BV Breakaway from Marie. Shipping was very fast (1 day!), doll arrived as described. Thank you very much!
    4. I bought a Luts Delf boy body from Marie, and had a lovely transaction, shipping was superfast. Marie was very understanding when I panicked because of the tracking not updating (it never did until the day it was delivered, and still doesn't show where it came from - thanks, USPS).

      Thank you for a great buying experience, Marie, and for being so understanding!