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:~{{Feedback for marismg}}~:

Mar 29, 2011

    1. :aheartbeaPlease Post Feedback for marismg here! Thank you!:aheartbea
    2. marismg purchased a Fairyland Pukifee Luna from me. She was very friendly and courteous throughout the transaction - a total darling. She paid very quickly and let me know when she arrived safely. A great and very smooth transaction - I would definitely do business with her again. :)
    3. Marismg bought a pkf Bonnie from me, and it was a great, fast transaction with good communication. Everything went great- thank you so much!
    4. marismg commissioned me for a face-up and tattoo on her Iplehouse Freesia. She was super awesome throughout the entire thing and everything went so smoothely! A marvelous individual with a heart of gold <3

      Thank you so much!
      A+++++++++ Customer and person!
    5. Marismg bought a PKf bonnie with hamster faceplate from me. Communication was great! transaction was great! recommend her totally....

      glad my little person is in a great new home :)

    6. Another super awesome commission! Maris commissioned me to paint her Pukifee Bonnie, Alice! I always enjoy working with her as it is truly magical. She is an awesomely sweet person and her dolls are always so cute!
      Thank you again for commissioning me to paint her. It was a real treat<3

      A+++++++++ Customer! Always!
    7. marismg purchased a LTF Chiwoo from me and paid super fast, great communicaiton and let me know as soon as she arrived!
    8. marismg commissioned a pair of dragon wings from me for her Soom Taco...she was so lovely to work with and i would love to deal with her again....thanks so much Maris!
    9. marismg was a pleasure to work with Thanks so much :)
    10. Marismg recently purchased a Volks YoSD from me, on a short layaway. She paid exactly when she said she would and let me know promptly of the doll's safe arrival.

      A great transaction, thank you!
    11. Marismg bought a MNF Ryeon from me other than a few payment hiccups everything went fine would love to do buisness with her again
    12. I purchased a doll from MARISMG. The communication was fantastic. The doll was gorgeous and perfect in every way. The price was appropriate including shipping. She was beautifully packed and came with all her paperwork. She arrived less than three days--phenomenal service! I will not hesitate at all to do business with her again! I am one thrilled customer!

    13. Was contacted through a WTB, and bought a PukiPuki PongPong which was offered! Friendliest person ever! Thanks again!!! :D
    14. :D Marismg purchased a MiniFee Chloe Amethyst from me... communication was great, she's super sweet, very nice to work with-- and she let me know that Chloe had arrived, safe and sound! :) I would do business with her again, anytime! :aheartbea

    15. I don't think i could more highly recommend a seller. Marismg contacted me in response to a WTB thread for a pukifee Ante.

      She supplied lots of pictures of the doll before buying and gave me a great deal. Her communication was instant. every time i sent a pm, within 10 minutes i'd have another one back. This didn't change after the doll had shipped. When the doll had shipped Marismg supplied me with more photos of the customs forms and paperwork.

      I was freaked out as the doll had been shipped uninsured and without tracking. but i think really this was my own fault as i had just assumed there would be insurance and tracking, and it had never been discussed. But i was given a great price for international shipping. But even though i was freaking out, terrified of the doll becoming lost, Marismg was nothing but polite, patient and reassuring during the entire wait for the doll.

      She's a lovely seller to deal with and i wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again :)

      Thankyou so much!!
    16. Another smoooth transaction with marismg! She commissioned me to do a full work-up on her MNF and like always she was AMAZING to work with. She paid super fast and let me know exactly what she wanted for her and it was so much fun to collaborate with the tattoos<3

      I will definitely do business with her again!
    17. Bought two PKFs, they were VERY well packed and came with some super adorable extras! Highly recommended, thank you!!
    18. Did a WONDERFUL trade with Maris, came with a few outfits and a wiggy :)
      Would love to do business again!
      Thanks so much,
    19. I purchased a complete default set of body armor and out fit from her. she was very delightful to work with sent the items well packaged and I enjoyed the communication she kept me informed throughout the process.tripple plus to do business with.
    20. marismg bought a Luts SDF Boy Type 2 body from me, as well as a delf type 2 head connector. Did a one month layaway, but ended up paying off early. Let me know when they arrived and had great communication. Excellent buyer, thank you!