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feedback for Marlychu

Jan 7, 2012

    1. give me your feedback about me guys!
    2. I sold her my Dollzone Event dragon and I honestly could not have asked for a better buyer. She was prompt on payments, and very fast on responses.

      I would sell to her any time.
    3. MarlyChu purchased an IH Luna from me. She kept up fantastic communication throughout the layaway and beyond, I would definitely do business with her again! Thank you!
    4. Marlychu bought some eyes from me. All communication was very friendly and fast. Payment was sent very quickly and I was notified as soon as the eyes arrived. I recommend Marlychu to all and would love to sell to again. Thanks so much for a perfect transaction! :thumbup
    5. Marlychu took part in a Soom split with me and everything went just great. :) We did a layaway with Soom and it all ran very smoothly. Marlychu sent my part of the split (a head) on to me once it arrived at her place and she packed everything like a pro! All in all it was a great transaction and I can highly recommend Marlychu for any kind of trade.
      Thanks so much for everything! ^^
    6. I sold my SOOM Grey to MarlyChu on layaway. She was a wonderful buyer and got him paid off very promptly. Great communication and awesome to work with. I would recommend her to any seller. :) Thanks for the great transaction, dear!
    7. I was in a split with MarlyChu and she was very helpful when my Douglas scar head went astray in the post. She was good with communication and responded promptly and packaged my item very well.:)
    8. I also participated in MarlyChu's Douglas split. She is very friendly and the packaging was awesome, especially for a bunch of clothes xD I'm super happy with my boy's new outfit! :D Thanks a million!
    9. I really don't like leaving negative feedback, but in this case I'm afraid I have no choice.

      I joined Marlychu’s Soom Migma Red Queen split in July of 2013. I paid for my part of the split (the Migma head) immediately and was told that if no buyer for the body turned up, the order would be placed on layaway. I did not have a problem with this. However, after well over 6 months had passed with no update or word from Marlychu, I made inquiries. Initially Marylchu stated that she was still paying off the split. Upon being pressed, she admitted that she might have missed some payments and the doll was still not paid off. When I learned that she was involved in a second split with the same problem, I asked for a refund. After several more weeks and a few missed dates, I eventually received a refund. Essentially Marylchu had my money for around 9 months before admitting that she had never paid off the doll. There were excuses and explanations, which I and others found very threadbare. Marlychu did begin to communicate again with the split members in a paging thread (see here), though it was sporadic and never truly transparent.

      I have gotten my money back, but the fact that she lied and consistently avoided contact not just with me, but with other split participants, some of whom are still waiting 1 YEAR later for the split to be finished, leaves me with no choice but to leave negative feedback and warn others about dealing with Marlychu as I did not find her trustworthy at all as a split partner.