Feedback for marmal7

Mar 11, 2017

    1. Please leave feedback for marmal7 here. Thanks!
    2. Marmal7 bought a Souldoll Junia head from me. Transaction went smoothly, payment received quickly and excellent communication. Thanks again!
    3. Marmal7 purchased Fairyland Feeple60 Celine elf head, and the transaction was great! Great communication, and fast payment :) Thank you for the great transaction~!!!
    4. Marmal7 purchased a Juri 13 head from me, extremely patient during the whole transaction due to my busy schedule and poor internet connection, lovely person to do business with! :)
    5. Marmal7 Purchaced my Luts Honeydelf centaur body on layaway. They payed promptly without reminders from me, and were an absolute delight to deal with, even when I had some unexpected shipping delays.
    6. Marmal7 purchased an old souldoll msd body from me. Communication was great, payment was prompt. Great transaction, would definitely deal with her again! :3nodding:
    7. Positive feedback for marmal7. They purchased Sircca's centaur body from me and the transaction was flawless. Great communication, quick payment. Thanks so much!
    8. Marmal7 purchased a Lusis head from me. Payment was prompt and communication was friendly. I would happily do business with them again and high recommend them as a buyer!
    9. Marmal7 bought a FL minifee head from me and the whole transaction was painless. Easy communication and prompt payment. Great buyer!
    10. I sold a FL Fairyline body to marmal7. She paid promptly, and let me know it arrived safely :)
    11. Marmal7 purchased a normal skin Fairyline body from me. Great communication! They paid promptly and let me know once the body arrived. I’d gladly do business with them again. Thank you! :)
    12. I bought a "Soom Faemon Cloud Faery Isaac Full Doll" from marmal7 and it was a great experience. Communication was prompt and friendly, and she shipped the doll quickly and well-packaged. I would definitely do business with her again. Thank you so much!
    13. Marmal7 purchased my Minifee Elf Lucywen head, and was the model customer throughout. Even let me know when she arrived. Big, big thumbs up.
    14. Marmal7 bought a soom body from me great communation and pleasant transaction recommanded buyer