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Feedback for Marmalade

Mar 24, 2008

    1. Please post feedback for me here! Thank you! <3
    2. Sold some pairs of spectacles to Marmalade and she replies quickly to PMs and payment was prompt. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^ v
    3. Marmalade participated in the Iplehouse GO I was running and was a wonderful participant. She paid ontime and was just a pleasure to have on the order. ^^
    4. Marmalade joined my Luts Group Order. Z
      She's patient with me and sent her payment in time.
      Thank you for the smooth transaction. :)
    5. Fast paymeant and fast response. She is good buyer.Thank you!
    6. Marmalade was in my EP GO.
      She's really patient with this long waiting period.
      It's my pleasure to have her in my GO :)
    7. I sold to Marmalade a Doll Family H Hui Yin head, and I was paid promptly. Communication was good and I was let known when the head arrived. Thank you again! ^_^
    8. Purchased a wig from me, super fast payment and great communication. Thank you !