Feedback for Marshlallow

May 7, 2019

    1. Hello! Feedback for transactions with Marshlallow below
      (Pronouns are he/them)
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    2. :daisy:pcupcake :aheartbea Positive feedback :aheartbea :bcupcake:daisy

      Marshlallow purchased a Yosd hybrid doll from me and they were delightful to work with and always had excellent communication throughout the transaction too!
      Marshlallow paid promptly and also let me know when the doll arrived to them as well:thumbup .
      I highly recommend Marshlallow as a buyer and I would be happy to work with them again <3 .
      Thank you so much Marshlallow for giving him a new home :hug:!
    3. Marshlallow purchased a pair of boots from me. He is very pleasant in communication, and our transaction was quick and easy. I recommend Marshlallow as an honest customer.:thumbup
    4. Marshlallow bought a PKF Cupid from me,it was a very smooth transaction an I would everytime deal with Marshlallow again. :)