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Feedback for Mary Kathryn

Oct 30, 2007

    1. :) :aheartbea

      paid quickly and was quick to let me know when the jeans I sold to her arrived^_^

      Very smooth transaction overall and I'm so happy with it^_^ Would definitely sell to her again :D
    2. Mary Kathryn participated in my recent Dollmore group order. Both payments were sent super quick and communication was great! She also informed me once the items had arrived. Thanks for participating in the order!! It was a pleasure :daisy
    3. Purchased a pair of eyes from me, paid quickly and kept in close contact, leaving feedback and PMing after they arrived. Easy and painless transaction, thanks!
    4. Mary Kathryn bought a MSD t-shirt from me and paid promptly and was very friendly, thank you~! :3
    5. This lady bought a Rapunzel wig from me, and is welcome back anytime :) So glad you love the colour, the teal is definitely a unique look and it works one practically any Lati too!


    6. Mary Kathryn bought a Volks msd boy body from me. She was very friendly throughout and just great to deal with :aheartbea I would love to sell to her again!

      Mary Kathryn purchased a MNF Lishe head from me and was a delight to work with! I would recommend her as a buyer and would do business with her again! Thank you so much! :)
    8. Mary Kathryn purchased a msd wig from me. She was very prompt with her payment and pm's, and let me know when the wig arrived. I'd happily do business with her again!