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Feedback for Marybell

Apr 12, 2010

    1. Hi there,

      Please leave your feedback here if you've had a transaction with me!
      Thank you!;)
    2. I sold a dress to Marybell and she's very wonderful to work with! Great communication and very prompt payment. Thanks. ^^
    3. Did a trade with Marybell, everything was excellent. Great communication - super friendly, and quick shipment. Everything was perfect. Thank you so much! A+'s for Merrybell!
    4. This feedback is left under the following DoA marketplace guideline:

      Marybell PM'd me on April 14 with a bid on my SDC Renee. At closing of the auction (midnight on April 24) she was the winning bid, however she has reneged stating that she wishes to spend the money on somthing else. I have let her know that I would be leaving negative feedback here; she refuses to honour her bid.

      Aside from pulling out, Marybell was aways courteous in her e-mails and I have no doubt she would have been wonderful to work with had she honoured her bid, however I do not believe this kind of flaky behaviour should be encouraged and if she did it to me, she could be flaky to someone else, too, so... that's why I'm posting this. I hope she can learn to be more serious in her offers in the future and learn to value her promises and her reputation.
    5. I did a trade with Marybell and everything went fantastic!!
    6. i sold my DoD H.Ducan to Marybell and had awesome transaction with her. she paid for him exactly when she said she would.
      thank you so much for giving my boy a loving new home :D
    7. Marybell bought dress from me.X3

      Good communication and fast transfer,Marybell's a good buyer to deal with.
      Thank you very much.
    8. I did a trade with Marybell, went perfect. She shipped quickly and item was just as described. Good communitcation and please to deal with.
    9. I traded my Volks Aya head with Marybell for a SD-10 V. body. We met up in person to do the exchange. Marybell is a super sweet person and the body was perfect for my F-01. I am happy to recommend Marybell and I would definitely trade with in the future. Thanks for a smooth transaction and we will have to meet up again in the future. :aheartbea
    10. Marybell bought an outfit and wig from me~
      She was a great buyer! Payment was quick and she was extremely patient while waiting for me to return from being away~~
      A great recommended buyer~! Thank you so much!
    11. I bought an outfit and some shoes from Marybell! Everything came quickly and she was a great seller to buy from. I would recommend this seller to anyone!
    12. Bought a pair of shoes from Marybell. Shipping was timely, the price was fair, and the transaction was very easy and quick. Highly recommended seller!

      Thanks so much :D
    13. I bought a Volks outfit from Marybell, communication was slightly lax but the package came and it was very well packaged. Thank you for your patience! A very friendly seller.
    14. I bought a Volks outfit from Marybell. I found her lovely to deal with. Her replies were prompt and the package was safely wrapped and sent quickly. I adore the outfit. Thank you!
    15. I brought a Yo-SD size coat from Marybell. She was really friendly and shipped out the package in a timely manner. Everything went well with the purchase! And the little coat is just so cute! Thank You! :)
    16. Marybell bought a doll head from me. Transaction was smooth and her communication is polite. She also let me know when the doll arrived. Thank you for a wonderful transaction.
    17. Marybell bought a Volks outfit from me~ Again, communication was wonderful~! She paid very quickly and let me know when the outfit set arrived safely ^-^ A flawless transaction, an A+ buyer thank you so much!!
    18. I recently bought an old Dollheart outfit from Marybell, and the transaction was great! Her communication was always quick, she was friendly, and she shipped my item very quickly! I would definitely do business with her again, thanks so much! :D
    19. Negative/Neutral Feedback

      I recently sold an MDD to Marybell. After receiving the doll she wasn't happy with the color. Understandable, I offered her a partial refund because I can't accept full refunds at the moment. She wanted half of what she paid for the doll back. I considered that a bit unfair considering everything went well.

      Marybell did pay on time and was very nice in her messages. This feedback is neutral. I can't say I'd do business with her again, but I can't say she's a bad customer.
    20. Marybell bought some pairs of eyes from me -- payment and communication was very fast! Great buyer, thank you again!! :D