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Feedback for Matirx7

Jun 26, 2007

    1. hmm my feeback thread :sweat I know I've brought somethings from people here.
    2. Matirx7 comissioned me for a faceup for her tanning El.
      Everything perfect!!! Friendly contact and fast payment.
      Thank you for this smooth transaction :)
    3. I bought an open-eyed MnF Marcia from Matirx7 and things couldn't have gone better. It was a very nice transaction and the doll came to me in excellent condition, like I had gotten a brand new doll! I'd definately do business with her again. :aheartbea
    4. Sold a pair of SD Jeans and SD handcuffs to Matirx7, and I was paid promptly. No problems here :) thanks!
    5. I sold my CP Shiwoo to Matrix7. She responded to all my messages quickly, paid promptly, and was very polite. She was also understanding when I had a slight shipping delay due to a family emergency. Thanks! :)
    6. I bought my CP Lu Wen from Matrix7. He is exactly as described (so gorgeous then!), he came extremely well packaged with original boxes. Matrix was prompt, friendly and very amicable. Thank you so much!
    7. I bought a JuriA head from Matrix7. All was perfect: very fast shipping and nice communication. Thanks so much !
    8. Bought a Dollheart Concealed Dark from Matrix7 recently. The outfit itself is terrific, however the transaction was.... alright (partially my fault). The outfit was sent out prior to my payment being sent. I have to believe that it was to back me into a corner on having to pay for it prior to any discussion, as three subsequent e-mails, asking her to explain where an additional charge of $40 came from, (as shipping, according to her listing, was included in the price) went unanswered. I was tempted to just return the outfit to her when it arrived, and tell my credit card company I was refusing the charge. However, decided I wanted the outfit too much, plus it wasn't really worth the hassle. Communication isn't her forte and I'd recommend anyone who deals with her from now on nail down the particulars before agreeing to purchase anything.
    9. I did a partial trade with Matrix7. Everything went perfectly smoothly and I'm happy to see my boy found a great home ^-^
    10. I bought 2 pairs of shoes and a T shirt from Matirx7. They arrived quickly and were as described. I'd happily buy from her again.
    11. Matrix7 just bought one of my dolls. She paid really quickly, and was so nice to talk to :) I would definitely do business with her again. Thank you so much!!! :D
    12. Sorry for the be-lated feedback!

      Matirx7 was in a group order that I hosted, paying quickly and being very wonderful to deal with! Thankyou so much!
    13. matrix7 participated in my luts group order. very friendly to deal with and quick payments!
    14. (Long over due)

      I brought a Luts SD Abadon from Matrix, she sent him extremely well packaged, and included free gifts to! I would highly recommend her to other sellers and buyers.

      Thank you ^^ and sorry for the lateness lol
    15. I bought a hight wizard outfit from Matrix7. She was very easy to work with, had great communication, fast shipping and well packaged goods. I HIGHLY recommend her to other sellers. Thanks Matrix7!!!
    16. Matrix7 participated in another Luts group order with me. Same as before, very friendly to deal with and quick payments. thanks again!
    17. I bought a Delf type 2 body from Matirx7 :)

      She was fantastic to deal with, and prompt with postage. The body arrived today, only a week after my original PM, fantastically packaged and exactly as described :D

      Would definately deal with again, this transaction was spot on :aheartbea
    18. . wrong thread sorry


      MrsLovett visited today and forgot to log out before she left *_*
    20. Bought a Zuzu Delf - Persi the Police Officer from Matirx7. :kitty2
      I paid and he arrived a week later!! I don't think I've received anything from the UK that fast.
      He was very safely shipped and looks brand new!
      Definitely recommended :)