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Feedback for MaudMAryFlynn

Sep 13, 2009

    1. Well, seeing as I'm trying to sell a doll currently, about to buy a doll, and do some more transactions, I guess one of these would be good.

    2. Sold a doll to her, great communication and paid when she said she would. Thanks so much!
    3. Did a trade with her, everything went smooth as glass and my Keely loves everything!
    4. She bought some doll sized lockets from me, great buyer, good communication, fast payment. I would do business with her again.
    5. Sold a pair of slippers to MaudMAryFlynn, a friendly person and easy transaction. I Recomend.
    6. <aud commishoned me to do a face up. She was lovely! Thank you!
    7. Purchased two disney dresses from MaudMAryFlynn. Communication was excellent, Transaction went smoothly and she shipped out my items extremely quickly. Thanks so much!!!
    8. I did a trade with MaudMAryFlynn~ She shipped very fast, had excellent communication, and let me know when my part of the trade arrived as well~ They were also VERY well packaged~

      I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to trade with her in the future~ :3
    9. I did a face-up for MaudMAryFlynn and she was good to work with. It took her a little bit to get the head sent out, but I had originally asked her to wait for a while while I went on vacation. Once I got the head she was very patient and undemanding and all around pleasant to deal with. She sent the shipping money promptly once I was finished.
    10. I did another trade with MaudMAryFlynn & am once again very pleased~
      She packaged everything up -very- securely and shipped extremely fast.
      I would definitely recommend her to anyone considering all the good experiences I've had with her now & in the past.
    11. Sold her a MSD dress! Great communication and very fast payment!
    12. I did a trade with Maud for a Unoa Faceplate Wink, she came really fast and she keeps in great contact with you. Is an amazing person to work with and will look out for more stuff for her in the future.
    13. Bought a MNF Chiwoo from MaudMAryFlynn. The transaction was perfect.. He arrived three days after I sent payment, in perfect condition. She's a great seller!
    14. I bought a MiniFee body from MaudMAryFlynn, and it was an exemplary transaction! Communication was swift, clear, and friendly. Pricing was reasonable, and shipping was wicked fast.

      I'd definitely recommend her, and look forward to doing business with her again in the future!
    15. I bought a mnf head from MaudMAryFlynn. Great communication and it shipped very fast!
    16. MaudMAryFlynn recently ordered a custom hoodie from me and was just great to deal with! Great communication & just a great transaction! Thank you!
    17. I did a doll trade with MaudMAryFlynn she was amazing to deal with she shipped fast great communication and very friendly she let me know when the doll got there and even made a video! thanks so much I also love my new doll as well he is amazing!!!!! would def. recommend her!!!! ^^
    18. Bought an MSD hoodie from me. Flawless transaction. Fast Payment, excellent communication! Thanks so much!
    19. MaudMAryFlynn bought a wig from and the whole transaction was excellent, would definitely do business with you again! Thanks!
    20. Flynn was in my Dollmore GO :D! She was prompt and friendly<3 >U< I'd be happy to host her again <3