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Feedback for MausuZ

Oct 1, 2009

    1. I have been cruising the Market Place a lot lately, and I haven't bought anything yet, or sold anything either, but I thought it would be a good idea to have a feed back thread. This way if I do buy or sell something some one can post here what their feed back on me is.

    2. Well now I have bought stuffs and am just waiting on shipping. :) Woot for that!
    3. I painted a Soom Amber for Mausu_Z, she was a little slow in communication but overall lovely to deal with. I would love to do business again!
    4. MausuZ joined our beginners crafting swap and kept up with the thread when we requested people to send in there status. I would happily work with her again as a swap coordinator.
    5. i sold a pair of Fairy legs to MausuZ. All went well and she was very patient with some delays on my end. Good buyer!
    6. I sold her a little Soom centaur recently and she was a wonderful buyer! Very well informed on shipping options (that was helpful!) and extremely forgiving of a packing boo-boo I made. She had a whopping two-day layaway and paid early. Just a great transaction!