Feedback for Maver

Jun 21, 2016

    1. This is my Feedback Thread. If you can say anything about me - you are welcome!
    2. I have sold Maver a minifee's head. It was great transaktion, fast payment in same day and very friendly communikation! Thank you so much! It was pleasant to deal with you!
    3. Maver has bought from me a minifee body. She was very cummunicative and paid super fast! Thanks again for purchasing from me :) I would gladly do business again with her.
    4. Maver bought a Pukifee Nanuri 2016 faceplate from. Communication was great and payment quick. I would recommend Maver as a buyer. Thank You for your purchase.
    5. Maver bought a littlefee lishe from me. She paid really quickly and she is a very kind and lovely person!
      Thank you so much!!!!
    6. Maver bought a Fairyland Minifee Mirwen sleeping-head from me. She paid as fast as the wind and was very very friendly. Thank you very much for a great transaction.
    7. Maver bought a Liria head from me. She paid super quick, kept in communication, and was a great buyer all around. Thanks again!
    8. Maver bought a Minifee Juri from me and the transaction was a pleasure from start to finish! Fast payment and super communication!
      Maver is a very friendly and kind person! I will not hesitate to deal with Maver again and highly recommend dealing with her!! Thank you!:)
    9. Maver bought a MNF NF Head from me. The comunication was very friendly and prompt, payment was sent fast and everything went smoothly. Thank you very much :)
    10. Maver purchased a minifee Liria head from me. dealing with her was an absolute pleasure. she was very very friendly and polite and super fast on responding. super speedy payment and let me know as soon as she arrived. i could not have asked for more. thank you so much. very highly recommended ^______^
    11. Maver bought a Souldoll Aehael head from me. Communication was very nice, she paid promptly and kept in touch after the sale to let me know when she received it and share infos about bodies. Overall, a pleasant transaction ! I would definitely recommend her as a buyer. Thanks again !
    12. I've sold my Souldoll Junia to Maver and it was a pleasure to communicate with her. Payment came fast and everything went well. Everytime again and thank you for giving her a new home! :)
    13. Maver bought a Minifee head from me.again. It was a great Transaction!
      She let me know when the head arrived! Highly recommend Maver as a buyer!
      Thank you very much!!!:)
    14. Opps - I thought I had left Maver feedback! :blush I bought some PKF items from her and she was great to work with and patient with my international shipping anxiety. LOL. Highly recommend!
    15. I sold her my FeePle Siean SP face. Payment came fast and everything went well. The communication was also very good. Maver is great to deal with. Thank you very much :)
    16. Maver purchased a MNF Moe body in WS from me~! Communication was excellent and payment was quick~!
      Also let me know when the body arrived, which I love when buyers do. Thank you~!
    17. Maver is a lovely person to transact with! I purchased a Tan PKF Rin faceplate from Maver. The transaction went smoothly, great communication and fast shipping. Thank you so much! I recommend Maver as a seller!
    18. I sold my Feeple60 a-line body to Maver.

      She was very sweet, replied very quickly to my messages and we had a perfect transaction!
      Would definitely do business with her again in the future! Many thanks!
    19. Maver bought my Feeple and was lovely to deal with. She paid me fast and let me know when the doll arrived. Thankyou!
    20. Maver bought some Feeple items from me and it was an excellent transaction. She is a lovely lady to deal with.:)
      Great communication, super fast payment and also let me know when she received the parcel. :D
      I just love everything went so smooth. Thank you so much! :thumbup