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Feedback for Maxxie

Jan 3, 2010

    1. I've you've sold me anything (since I have yet to sell x3) leave feed back here! :)
    2. I did face-ups for Maxxie's Beyla, Chandra. Maxxie was super sweet, and was very precise with her instructions, which made my job much easier.
      There was a mix up with the return address, but she was very patient and understanding. Luckily it was an easy fix and the heads got to her safe and sound. :)

      Maxxie was an awesome customer, would definitely do business with her again in a heartbeat.
    3. Maxxie participated in a local Dollmore Go I held. She was very quick to send me her order and pay and very patient with the waiting process. I'd highly reccomend her. Thanks again!
    4. Maxxie bought a wig from me. It was a perfect transaction with great communication & fast payment. She also informed me when she got the item. I'd love to do business with her again in future. Thanks a lot!
    5. Maxxie purchased a wig from me. Our communication went really smoothly. She's very nice and understanding also even let me know when the package arrived! Two thumbs up!
    6. Maxxie and I did a partial trade - money and a necklace for a Leeke wig. She kept me very informed when things were sent out, about payment, and let me know when the wig arrived. I would definitely do any kind of business again with Maxxie, she is reliable.
    7. I bought a pair of black boots from Maxxie. she was very helpful and kept me in the loop when things went wrong. although there was a little trouble when it came to sending the boots out (on both parts) the boots are great and will fit my doll perfectly (it's hard to find stuff for BBB SD's!). it was overall a good transaction.
    8. Maxxie sold me 2 SD pants. Very fast shipping, thanks a bunch!
    9. I participated in Maxxie's Soom GO~ She was great! She kept great communication, was very fast with her responses, and everything was sent in perfect packaging. Thanks for running the GO! :3
    10. Maxxie participated in my Ai split. She was especially friendly and lovely to do business with. Quick payment and responses. What more could I ask?
    11. I participated in Maxxie's Soom Group order. Order went smooth and there was good communication. Thank you!!
    12. Great seller! I bought pants from Maxxie, and they got here in pretty good time, and the price was just right! Great communication, and cheerful disposition. Would DEFFO deal with again. Thanks!
    13. Maxxie bought a wig from me, she paid very promptly and was excellent to work with! A great buyer! :)
    14. Maxxie adopted my heliot hybrid, she was totally wonderful and amazing to deal with. Payed quickly and no hassle at all!
      Thankies so much for a awesome and smooth transaction and I highly recommend Maxxie!
      Would definatly sell too again!
    15. Maxxie bought a pair of eyes from me and paid promptly.
      Thank you.
    16. I just bought a BBB Apollo body, pants and shoes from Maxxie. Everything was perfect and a great deal! The doll was very securely packed and the communication was great! I would deal with Maxxie again any time!!! :)
    17. I bought an SD cross necklace from Maxxie! She shipped next day and it was package so nicely~ Would deal with Maxxie anytime~
    18. Maxxie joined in a split that I ran. Communication was great, and payments were prompt. I really wish all people in the marketplace were like her. :)
    19. Maxxie sold me a cute pair of SD pants. They were hand made and I bought them knowing they were unfinished but she pretty much finished them before sending them out and they're perfect^^ Also, Maxxie was super sweet and made my first DOA purchase a breeze. Thanks!
    20. I was one of the members of Maxxie's Soom GO, and everything went perfectly. Got my item fast from a host with wonderful communication...HIGHLY recommended!!!!