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Feedback for Maya Cecile

Mar 30, 2008

    1. I've actually been trading on the forums lately, which is new and different. ^_- Please leave me feedback if we've had a recent transaction!

      Thanks~! ^^
    2. I sold my item to Maya Cecile.
      payment was prompt and we had a great communication during transaction.
      Maya Cecile was kind enough to let me know when the item reached
      it was a GREAT pleasure to deal with Maya Cecile
      highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thanks, Maya Cecile! *^_^*
    3. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^ v
    4. I sold Maya Cecile my sd13 boy body. She paid promptly and was great at communication. I will certainly work with her again, thanks for everything!
    5. Maya Cecile bought some jeans from me. Very friendly and prompt with payments and letting me know everything arrived ok. Great buyer! :) :)
    6. Maya Cecile-- participated in my TATA GO! VERY smooth and quick transaction! I would do business with again!! ^__^
    7. Maya Cecile bought a pair of black jeans from me! A lovely buyer, absolutely wonderful communication, and just a great person to deal with! Thanks!
    8. Maya Cecile participated in a Leeke group order I ran.
      She was SO incredibly patient... even after all of Leeke's delays and a wig screw up.
      Thanks so much and I'm glad everything worked out in the end!!
    9. Maya Cecile bought a pair of eyes from me. Great tanscation with fast payment, thanks!
    10. I sold a wig to Maya Cecile, she paid promptly and let me know when it arrived :aheartbea A very smooth transaction! Thanks a lot!
    11. Maya Cecile bought a Spinel head from me. We have a very smooth and happy transaction~ She is a good buyer with patient and fast payment.
      Thank you~!^_^
    12. I sold a Volks outfit to Maya Cecile, and it was smooth, painless transaction. She made the payment fast and communication was great! I'd love to do business with her again. Thanks!
    13. Maya Cecile purchased a bass guitar from me, paid quickly and was very nice to deal with. Thanks for a smooth transaction <3
    14. Maya Cecile was in my EP GO.
      She's really patient with this long waiting period.
      It's my pleasure to have her in my GO :)
    15. Maya Cecile commissioned a sweater from me. She knew exactly what she wanted and sent me all of the info I asked for that was stated in my sales thread making my job a hundred times easier. Her payments were fast and her communication was fantastic. She was very pleasant and enthusiastic about the commission and I just loved making the sweater for her. It was a fun commission to work on and a great transaction all together.

      Thank you so much!
    16. she bought my heliot bow/arrow, fast payment and great communication, definitely recommend for future dealings. :3
    17. Maya Cecile took part in my Luts GO. She is a great person to work with. Our communication was wonderful, and payment was sent promptly. Thank you!
    18. Maya Cecile took part in my split. Payment was fast and she was very understanding (I was a little late in shipping, sorry)

      Thank you
    19. Maya Cecile purchased an F01 head from and was a joy to work with. She was very patient, responsive and communicated effectively with me throughout the whole transaction. She even let me know the head arrived that way I knew it got there.

      Thanks so much, I would do business with you again in a heart beat! :]
    20. Sold a pair of EP eyes to her.

      Good buyer,will to trade with her again!