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Feedback for Maya

Jun 7, 2007

    1. Please leave any feedback for me about transaction.
    2. I just received a perfect packed package with a perfect little yo-sd Puff .He is like new and also his cute outfit.Maya shipped it immediately after my payment.
      Thank you so much,Maya,for this great business with you!I would buy again!
    3. I have had a wonderful transaction with Maya.
      Brilliant communication and a lovely outfit.

      Thank you very much-I recommend this seller.
    4. I bought a limited SD outfit from Maya. It was very well packed and it's in great condition. I recommend Maya! It's easy to communicate with her! She is nice and helpfull.

      Thank you very much!
    5. I just received a yo-tenshi Yuh head with his wig!Maya is very nice,we had a good communication and she shipped the package immediately after payment!
      thank you,Maya!
    6. I bought a yo tenshi body from Maya and she was fine with a split and a layaway. The package was shipped immediately after payment and arrived so fast! Perfect transaction.
    7. Until today I was in the middle of a layaway with Maya concerning a Volks Cyndy body. I had paid the first half a week ago and was a week away from paying the other half. Today I received an unannounced refund and a PM saying that someone in Hong Kong wanted to buy both the body and the head (which wasn't on sale at the time I offered to purchase the body), so I couldn't have it any longer. I'm sure Maya is a good seller, but this just isn't right.

      By the way, I have already found a body somewhere else, so I'm not interested in the Cyndy body anymore. I just needed to report this.
    8. Bought a limited edition Cyndy dress from Maya. Good communication and fast shipping.
    9. Bought a pair of limited volks Cyndy boots from Maya, she kept good communication during the purchase. And they arrived in perfect condition! Thanks, I've been looking for a pair of Volks boots like these for over a year now! :aheartbea
    10. I bought a Yo SD outfit from Maya and everything went so fine!!
      The outfit was in wonderful condition and my girl loves it!!^3^
    11. I bought a YoSD outfit from Maya and it was a wonderful transaction! The outfit is brand new and fits perfectly.. there was also good communication and timely shipping! Thanks again!!
    12. I bought a Yosd Kuuta from Maya and things all went perfectly fine. She shipped according the day she mention and now my little dream boy arrive here safe and sound. I couldn't be much happier dealing with her. Well, my first time purchasing dolls from DOA seems no fail and really thank you, Maya for letting me to have him. <33

      A 100% positive feedback for her <3
    13. Maya bought a pair of Zouks from me and the transaction went perfectly! A real pleasure to deal with!
    14. I bought an outfit from Maya. The transaction was so smooth. It took only 3 days for the outfit to reach me. The outfit came as described and very well packaged. I will not hesitate to do business with her again. Thank you so much!
    15. I just received SD10 set from Maya. It's awesome and in perfect condition.
      Contact with this person was instant and very nice, shipping super fast!
    16. I purchased a Volks Lorina fullset outfit. She has great communication. She packaged and shipped my item very quickly. Very professional. I would be happy to do business with her again anytime. Thanks!! :D
    17. I purchased a wig from Maya. She was quick to ship and reply to PMs and was very friendly. It was a great transaction; thanks Maya!
    18. I bought a pair of Mystic eyes from Maya. They were in great condition and I am very satisfied, thanks!
    19. i bought a rose necklace from maya,her work is very good and the jewellery is beautiful,it arrived very fast and well packed ,great seller thank you
    20. I bought a bracelet from her. It was beautiful and the shipping was fast. Thank you so much!