Feedback for MayBea

Mar 12, 2018

    1. Please post feedback here. Thanks!
    2. MayBea bought my DZ Shanhu. Communication was frequent and consistent, and payment was quick. I would definitely recommend MayBea as a buyer.
    3. MayBea purchased my Daisy Dayes Baby Centaur and the transaction went smoothly. Great communication and quick payment.Thank you very much!
    4. Maybea bought a pukifee soso faceplate from me. She was a wonderful buyer, great communication and quick payment. Thank you so much, and enjoy the faceplate :)
    5. MayBea bought a Yul Satyros from me. She was perfect buyer, good communication, quick payment. Thank you so much ! ^_^
    6. MayBea bought a 5stardoll Jadite from me and the transaction went smoothly! Good communication, prompt payment and overall a friendly buyer. Thank you~
    7. I sold a Bishonen House Steve to MayBea. Communication through the whole sale was excellent, payment was swiftly received, and she was very easy to interact with! Thank you so much!
    8. MayBea Bought a RLF Pupu and some RLF faceplates from me, communication was excellent, payment was prompt. A++ Buyer :)
    9. Positive Feedback

      Maybea purchased a Realfee from me. She paid quickly and had great communication. I would definitely business with her again.
    10. I sold a RealPuki Toki to MayBea on layaway. Everything went smoothly. Highly recommended.
    11. I sold a Daisy Dayes Elise Centaur to MayBea! It was the perfect transaction, delightful, speedy, with quick responses. I’m so glad my doll found such a lovely new home! Thank you! :hug::hug::hug: