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Sep 2, 2008

    1. okies.. finally started feedback thread.. is getting alot of stuff from here and so on..

      so if i've done any shopping with you.. please leave a feedback here.. ^^;
    2. A very patient customer. I had no worries whatsoever, very hassle free. Paid very promptly. She was very kind and patient even if my manufacturer was working too slow, I had no problem giving her free shipment mainly because of my manufacturer's slow pace and since she's very nice. :)
    3. Very fast in communication and ships quickly too~! She's also very organised in the handling of the payment. Thank you!^___^
    4. I bought some items from Maydayhorror and she was very nice to me. She sent the item quickly and was very communicative, thank you dear! :aheartbea
    5. I bought a pair of 16mm light violet eyes from Maydayhorror and the transaction went off better than Perfect! She was very nice and even responded to all my eccentricities!
      Thanks so much!
    6. I forgot to mention that when she'd charged me 10$ for insurance and a tracking number she was honest enough to tell me and refund the money!

      To put it mildly, I Was Floored!:D
    7. I bought a wig from maydayhorror and everything went smoothly - she shipped the item quick, she was nice to write with and she even refund me $4 after she found out that that she miscalculated the shipping. Thanks a lot =D
    8. I bought a fabulous wig from maydayhorror. It was despatched quickly and very well packaged.
    9. Bought a jacket from maydayhorror, it arrived quickly and in amazing condition, She was also very nice to deal with =] very highly recommended.
    10. i got a gorgeous fur wig from Maydayhorror, she was very nice to work with, recommended :D
      thank you
    11. i bought a kondoll wig from her. she is very friendly and and she sent out my wig as soon as the transaction is successfully done. Thanks!!
    12. I recently sold a doll to maydayhorror.
      She did a layaway and was very quick to pay it off. She made sure to message me with every payment and it was easy to keep track of everything with how organized she was.

      I'd love to trade with you again. Thank you~
    13. I've bought a SSDF Man head from here and everything was just perfect <3
      She was even fine with my queston if I could make a short layaway, because not all of my money was on my Paypal account already >_>' (*shakes fist to paypal*)

      She sent the head out immediatly and was always very quick and nice with answering my questions.
      I can highly recommend her :)

    14. I ordered a beautiful chained freedom[BLOOD] necklace in MSD size from maydayhorror it arrived in great time and everything is lovely, really happy with it, would buy from again :)
    15. I bought a lovely wig. Communication was great and the wig was well-packaged and sent quickly.
    16. I bought an SD t-shirt from maydayhorror, it's gorgeous and it was dirt cheap. :) Communication was brilliant and she posted it super fast.
    17. Bought some erasor ramen cups from maydayhorror!! Couldn't be happier! They arrived so fast, are in perfect condition and was very cheap!!!

      She kept great communication and was a sweetie to work with! PLease don't hesitate to buy from her!
    18. Maydayhorror sold me an adorable SD corduroy hat and I couldn't be any happier with the whole transaction. Communication was great, she shipped the hat very promptly and she was very kind to deal with. Thank you :aheartbea
    19. Maydayhorror commissioned me for a faceup. Friendly communication and fast payment. I'm so happy to work with her! :D
      I'll highly recommend maydayhorror!!

      Thank you again!! ^^
    20. Bought a gorgeous pair of eyes from maydayhorror, The eyes were accidently sent with a head of their getting faceupped. They were super sweet and put the eyes on hold for me and even contacted the faceup artist and had them mail the eyes off to me! Amazing service will never hesitate to buy from this super seller ^o^