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Feedback for Mayo-chan

Oct 28, 2008

    1. I couldn't find a feedbackthread for Mayo-chan so I opened one myself.
      Mayo-chan bought my Tender Lahoo head. Fast communication and payment.
      It was great doing business with you! Thanks agian!
    2. yay let me be second!! mayo-chan comished for me a simply AMAZING sumomo cosplay costume for my puki sugar, despite saying shes never worked on something this small before she did a bang on job and its flawless <3
      good comunication and the package arrived just in time wrapped with care.
      thank you mayochaaaaaan
    3. Mayo-chan made the loveliest face-up on my Zaoll I'm very pleased with it and I can recomend her
    4. Mayo-chan made the face-up for both of my boys, a DoT Ducan and a DoC Si, and they're perfect! <3
      I really recomend her!
    5. Mayo-chan gave two of my kids beautiful faceups...she worked really fast and did exactly what I asked.

      I recommend her completely. She is amazingly talented...

    6. Mayo-chan has sold to me her Tender Elf Sha head, with free face up.
      She was patient with me.
      The contact with Mayo-chan was great, she is very friendly and nice.
      The Face up is the best, Mayo-chan is very very very very talented.

      Fuku-Neko-Chan says: THANK YOU! You are the best!
    7. Mayo-chan bought me a pair of soom eyes.

      She has been very serious in the payment and in her communication.
      Thank you for this nice sale.
    8. Mayo-chan made a fantastic faceup on my SDelf Annette.
      I can heartily recommend her, the detail and quality of her work is outstanding.
    9. I commissioned a faceup from Mayo-chan. She was pleasant and professional to deal with, and she did a wonderful job on my DIM Persia. I recommend her highly :D
    10. I commissioned Mayo-chan for a faceup in april. She did amazing work on my Lusis and was professional and a real sweetie to deal with. I highly recommend her! :aheartbea
    11. I commisioned Mayo-chan to do a face-up, body-blush and tattoo on my IH EID Asa. The result was stunningly beautyful (see this link).
      This is the second time I have used her artistic service, and I won't hesitate to commision her again.
      Professional, artistic and vary nice to talk with, I praise her!
    12. Mayo painted my two girls and they are more beautiful than words can ever describe.
      Thank you Mayo, ++++++!
    13. I sold an outfit to Mayo-chan it was a perfect transaction. Thank you so much!
    14. I commisioned Mayo-chan to do face-up on two LittleFee face-plates. She was very nice to deal with and did the face-ups exactly like I decribed. I'm very happy with the result. The time it took was exactly what I expected from what she said and when they were done she was very fast to ship them after I paied.

      Thank you so much. :)

    15. I commisioned Mayo-chan for a faceup. She did an amazing job and made the faceup exactly how I wanted it! She also did some minor mods like sanding the nose and made the eyes smaller for free <3 She was very fast to ship it back to me after I said I was happy. So I can't be anything else but happy! :) Thank you Mayo~
    16. I commissioned two custom face-ups from Mayo-chan during July-August. She was at first very pleasent to work with, and she received the heads and payment(Cost of two heads plus about 7 USD extra for a quicker job) round July 4th. I didn't hear anything from her until the 13th, and later the 21st, when I learnt that she had postponed the job due to personal issues. She then proceeded to dissapear from the computer for a month, under the impression that I had acess to her phone number and expected my to use that. When she wouldn't respond to my e-mails, I eventually had to get her contact information from a second party. She then sent me the dolls heads a month after she'd stopped respoding, and all was well.

      The face-ups were great for the price I paid. They're really pretty, and I love how she used my pointers to make somethig that really fit the dolls. I was worried that the custom order would seem a little tricky, but she pulled it off well and without complaining.

      I'm going to have to leave neutral feedback. Leaving a customer hanging for that long is inexcusable, but the quality of the face-ups make up for it.

      So thank you, Mayo, my boys look great, and it's all thanks to you! :) Good luck with your adventures abroad!