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Feedback for MCPO_J117

Oct 10, 2010

    1. Hi there!
      Post your feedback from your interactions with me here please!
    2. Positive Feedback
      MCPO_J117 took part in my Chalco split a while back, ordering a set of hands in it.
      He was great! Paid quickly and was a great split partner.
    3. MCPO_J117 bought from me DoI LE Kalix's fullset outfit. He paid promptly and communication was wonderful! I hope to do business with you again!! .u.b
    4. I bought soom chalco hands from MCPO_J117. the communication was excellent, very fast reply. the hands arrived me very fast, and was well wrapped in. a strongly recommended person to do business with. thank you so much. *kisses*<3
    5. MCPO_J117 bought a couple pairs of pants from me and both sales went great! Quick payment, good communication & friendly. Highly recommended! ^_^ Thanks a bunch!
    6. Just did a wonderful trade with this person. Super fast pm's and fast shipping. Outfit was in awasome shape would gladly trade with anytime.
    7. As a buyer, MCPO_J117 is doubleplus awesome! Highly recommended. Thank you so much for your business :D.
    8. MCPO_J117 bought wig foem me. The communication was great. Nice to do business with and payments were fast.
      Thanks you so much again. ^w^
    9. MCPO-J117 participated in my M3 Studio GO. Communication was great, all payments were made on time, and I was informed when the parcel arrived. Made for a nice, smooth group order. Also fun to chat with during the waiting. <3
    10. MCPO-J117 purchased a Volks Cecile Scarface from me on layaway and couldn't have been better. Paid off the layaway very early, great communication, very friendly. Highly recommended!
    11. I bought euclase's ns head from MCPO_J117. eveything went well and i'm happy about that ^^v answers are fast and sweet. thank you so much again!
    12. MCPO_J117 agreed to purchase items from me at a later date and paid exactly when agreed. Thanks!! :D
    13. I participated in a SOOM split run by MCPO_J117, and the items arrived right away after SOOM shipped. Was very patient in dealing with me and my financial problems, and let me pay later than everyone else because of a grant check arriving.

    14. recently participated in a head swap game and my partner was MCPO_J117. Quick shipping and well packaged head! Thank you so much! Hope to be in a swap game with you in the future.
      Angel kat
    15. I took part in her GO. Everything went well.

      She even went out of her way to deliver my parts to me. Highly recommended.

      Thank you very much
    16. MCPO_J117 purchased a Soom wig from me and the transaction was very smooth. Payment was prompt and they even let me know when the item go there! Would definitely do business with again!
    17. Participated in MCPO-1117's Bezeal go! : ) She was very understanding when I moved and had lost my internet, and thus lost my communications to be able to tell her my new address. She was very nice and kept me well informed of when she would be able to send the package, and warned me of any delays she had.

      Her communication is wonderful, she is very kind, and it was a lot of fun to talk to her while we waited for the doll to arrive. : )

      I highly recommend to join one of her splits if you have the opportunity. It was fun.
    18. I commissioned MCPO_J117 to purchase some things from VolksUSA for me. Although they were limited and hard to get, he really went out of his way to put in his all and managed to snag both outfits which I asked for! :> Communication with him was very smooth, as he replied promptly every time. He let me know of any delays and also when he shipped the parcel out.

      MCPO_J117 was super friendly and wonderful to work with, and I'm very pleased to be his first customer~~
    19. I bought Cass hands from MCPO_J117. She is responsible and reliable seller. Everything was done quickly and on time. It is very carefully packed parcel. Very pleasant person. She also shipped incredibly fast!! With pleasure I will deal with varjostin again! Thank you so much!