Feedback for Meanae

Oct 14, 2016

    1. Please post your feedback here :)
    2. I bought a SD doll from meanae and it well really well, thank you :)
    3. Positive
      I purchased a Ringdoll Dracula from meanae. Communication was great and she shipped when she said she would. Thank you for the beautiful doll!
    4. I recently joined meanae's most recent Fairyland Lucywen split. Prompt and friendly communication, kept me updated on order status, confirmed payment and sent my parts promptly and securely packaged. Thanks so much!
    5. I bought an Iplehouse Vera from meanae and everything went well. The package arrived in good condition and communication was quick and friendly. I would defenitely do business with meanae again in the future <3
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    6. I sold a Soom Arkose head to meanae and everything was fine! Payment was prompt and all messages were answered fast! I wouldn't hesitate doing business with meanae again! ^^
    7. Meanea responded to a WTB I had placed (super fast!) for a Soom Witch head. Meanea was VERY understanding of some issues I had during my layaway and shipped her out very quickly and packed very well. I couldn't have asked for a nicer person to do business with, thank you so much! You had no idea how much I was kicking myself for not bringing this girl home and you helped me avoid a very painful wait to find her again. Thank you for being awesome!! <3
    8. Meanae joined the split I hosted for Fairyland Maya Valkyrie ; great communication and fast payment, will definitively recommand her. Thank you !
    9. They bought a minifee outfit from me, they were very polite and paid fast. Did not lowball at all would recommend them 10/10
    10. I bought the Soom Coquina outfit from them. They were willing to work with me on price and to wait till shipping became available again before shipping it to me. I highly recommend buying from this fellow doll collector if you can!
    11. Meanae bought a Fairyland SP Sia head from me. She was friendly and polite, and was quick to send payment and respond to messages. There was a bit of a problem during shipping when it started to look like the package had gone missing, but Meanae was patient and understanding and thankfully the problem resolved itself.
      I would do business with Meanae again and I would definitely recommend her! Many thanks!