Feedback for Meeko

Jan 12, 2016

    1. Hi folks,

      This is my feedback thread for Den of Angels! Though, I haven't sold anything here yet or bought anything either.

      I also have feedback on Facebook for sales, I can share a link below.


      Tiffany Sherwood
    2. I've traded a Luts Event head with Meeko for some clothing sets and everything was nice! The clothes arrived safe and sound and I did even get some gifts from Meeko! They're all amazing and I'm in love! We went to the post office on the same day and she sent the package just like she said she would and everything was nice! The answers were always prompt and I wouldn't hesitate trading with Meeko again!
    3. I bought an MSD kimono from Meeko. Not only was it well made and a steal, she let me pick it up from her at Doll North! Great seller, hope I can buy from her again.