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Feedback for Meelee

Jul 19, 2006

    1. This is the thread for all of your feedback for Meelee. I wanna know how you felt about our transactions, good OR bad! Thank you! And I hope we all have happy ones... ^___^

    2. The necklaces Meelee makes are fantastic in person. The beads and craftsmanship are top-notch! Thank you for being a very kind seller^^
    3. Did a faceup for Meelee's beloved DoT Shall!! Wonderful transaction, kept in contact, prompt payment and an absolute wonderful person! :D Thank you!!!
    4. Just sold a doll to meelee, via layaway, which went very well she paid on time and the sale was super successfull, 100&#37; comms and she is super sweet to deal with and a lovely person to boot!!! Huge hugs and thankies meelee!!!! (>_<) <3
    5. I ordered some Jellies for my SD and MSDs. Meelee was a pleasure to deal with and shipped very quickly along with a very sweet thank you note. I would do business again!

    6. I ordered some jelly bracelets from Melee :) the transaction was very easy and smooth and fast! I love the bracelets, thanks!
    7. Meelee and I just met at a meetup over the past weekend, and she expressed interest in a necklace for Samiya. I couldnt break a $20, and kind of dismissed the possability of the sale for the duration. On the way out, I decided to take a chance and gave the necklace to her on good faith that she would paypal when she arrived home. She sure enough did! I wouldnt hesitate to commit to an act of trust again with her, as well as a normal sale. Hope Samiya enjoys it!
    8. MeeLee bought a shirt and wig from me at this same meetup :) With the same offer...Of paying via paypal. I took the chance, as well, and she definately followed through!!! She was an AWESOME buyer, and SO VERY SWEET!
    9. I received them the same week. These bracelets are so cute and reasonably price. I think everyone should at least have a set!!:D

      thank you for a pleasant and quick transaction
    10. I can't believe I haven't left a feedback for this girl!!
      She's wonderful and fun to work with and her jellies are the best thing to happen to a dolls wrists. XD! So many sizes colors and glitter and they're so affordable as well.
    11. I'm still waiting for a response from Meelee and also my order of jellies, about $20 worth, which I paid for at the end of December. Meelee, I hope you are all right, and if you see this please get in contact with me regarding my order.

      If I don't hear from you soon I will have no choice but to put in a paypal dispute before the time is up. PLEASE get in touch with me! thank you.
    12. I am also wating for my jellies, and have not recieved a response from the seller.
      I will also be forced to file a paypal dispute if I do not hear from you soon.

      I did end up filing a paypal dispute, and I just got a refund from Meelee. I really wanted the jellies, but at this point the refund is just as good.
    13. I'm waiting too, but I paid by concealed cash, so there's nothing I can do about my lost money. I just want what I paid for.

      UPDATE: I'm still waiting. As far as feedback goes, I'm going to have to toss out a bad. Anyone who doesn't respect someone's money enough to send out what they've purchased is not someone I want to deal with again. I sent my money on the seventh of January and I know she should have received it only a few days after that. Here it is the tenth of February and I'm still without bracelets. I'm aware that people get busy, but when you're dealing with other's that are sending money to you -- you are OBLIGATED to follow that money with the goods!

      There are no goods here. There is nothing.

      No, I will not be having any more transactions with Meelee. She is irresponsible.
    14. Ditto...I paid end of December, via paypal. I would STRONGLY advise ANYONE from dealing with Meelee in ANY way, for ANY amount of money. :|
    15. I just bought some jelly bracelets off Meelee for my dolls and she was wonderful. They arrived in a few days and she also had written me a little note.

      Would not hesitate to buy more from her, she's lovely!

      Thanks again <33
    16. I would totally buy from meelee again. (sorry that you 3 had bad experiences).
      I ordered some jellies.. dont remember when but i got them today and they are sooo perfect and cute and i love em :D Meelee was good at keeping in contact and even pm'd me when she had updated her thread. >w<

      thanks and i love the jellies :D
    17. I bought some jellies from Meelee. They are perfect!! Thanks so much. My dollies love them. Shipping was super fast and communication was great.
    18. lovely to deal with ^^ brought her shall from her she was very honest and the communication was great! thanks so much for a lovely doll ^^ and for being a great seller ^^
    19. I can't suggest doing business with Meelee =( I bought an outfit from her ($200) and was told it would take a short time for her to ship it because part of it was left at a friend's house. It took two months for me to get the outfit, and the only reason I finally got it was because her friend Syndal retrieved it for me and sent it.