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Feedback for Meggilu!

Sep 21, 2007

    1. Please include what transaction was made (i.e. commission, item sold, item bought etc.) as well as your feedback on it!

      Thank you everyone in advance! :D
    2. Meggilu did a beautiful free face-up on my Lati M. She's very good at interpreting your ideas for a face-up, and she kept in touch with regular updates.
      I highly recommend her work. :)
    3. Meggilu gave my boy a beautiful faceup! He looks exactly how I wanted; just perfect! Thank you so much! :)
    4. Meggilu did a free face up for my doc Wi, and she did such a wonderful job. Little shaky with communication but all is well, and she does very lovely face-ups!!! Also shipping him back was very fast! Thanks for the wonderful service and I'm sorry that i'm late with the feedback!:sweat
    5. *Sorry this is so late. TAT with the forum being down, I couldn't leave feedback. I hope you got my email as well.*

      Meggilu did a free faceup for my boy awhile ago and it looks wonderful! She did a great job and kept up with regular updates to make sure everything was just right. Shipping him back was fast also. Thank you! :D
    6. Meggilu bought from me and she paid very quickly.

    7. Meggilu commissioned a wig from me, and was a great buyer. Good communication, nice buyer. Thanks!
    8. Meggilu bought a body from me and she was great! Good communication and quick payment ^^
    9. I commissioned Meggilu to do a face-up on my Elfdoll Soah. Her communication is wonderful, her actions are speedy and her prices are very resonable. Soah's face-up is fantastic. It's beautiful and very well done. Thank you so much!
    10. Commissioned her to do a second faceup and again, great communication and my girl's faceup looks wonderful! :)
    11. I had Megan do a faceup for me. Her work is beautiful.
    12. I purchased a Type 3 Luts body from Meggilu. She was very quick in responding to PM's, shipped quickly and was an all around pleasent person to deal with. Thanks!
    13. Meggilu is a sweetheart ! She held a spot for me for a face up commission because i took a while to send it. She did a marvelous job on my Abadon and he looks so much more handsome now ! She was quick with her service and she sent him back home right away !

      Thanksss !!! :aheartbea
    14. Meggilu is a great seller. I bought a wig from her, and everything went perfectly. The wig was in perfect shape, and shipped so fast. I would definitely do business with again. :D
    15. Meggilu did a wonderful face-up for my AOD Chen. She sculpted him a new finger as well to fit an idea I had for his character. Wonderful to do business with ^___^
    16. Meggilu did an awesome faceup for my School A! <3 She took my very vague description and turned it into exactly what I was looking for. I'd happily commission her again. Thanks~! ^^
    17. I bought some shoes from Meggilu. It was a perfect and smooth overseas transaction. Thanks so much !
    18. Meggilu did a breathtaking job on my MNF DES' face up. Communication was a bit sparse and there was a little mix-up with the head-cap, but everything was resolved. Thank you so much for making my girl more awesome then I ever thought she could be!!
    19. Meggilu did a wonderful job on my Ryu's face up. He's better than anything I imagined!! I love him so much. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    20. Meggilu participated in my Leeke World GO and she was wonderful to deal with! Sent payment promptly and kept good communication.