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Feedback for Megu-chan

Jul 21, 2006

    1. This is a feedback thread about me. Please post your feedback here if you have had a transaction with me.

      yes i copied the text from the post-it, ^____________^

      i should make it earlier, but i never went in this forum before, ^_____^

      thanks to give me a feedback.
    2. I bought a very cute yellow pigtail wig from Megu-chan! she is absolutely wonderful to buy from, and the wig is amazing quality. Probably the best I've owned ^-^

      Tian is wearing it right now btw!
    3. I bought a lovely white wig & delivery was really fast. THANKS
    4. I have bought several things from Megu all first class. She is a very kind person, always willing to help you.She is the best one very happy :) customer.
    5. Thanks girls you are so sweet, ^^

      Babytarragon, wow , your girl are so cute with, hum, why i didn't ask the yellow one to my mother, T_______T i have 2 dark pink and 2 green, i want a yellow.
    6. Megu-chan is a really nice person ! I've deal with her and I don't regret ! I hope to deal again with her soon ^^
      I'm an Happy Customer ^^
    7. Thanks, ^______________^
    8. I bought Volks pattern books from Megu: perfect transaction :daisy
    9. Thanks Barbara, ^_________^
    10. I purchased some of Megu-chan's beautiful lingerie for my LD Blue Cara. She is so nice to work with and the lingerie is lovely. I am a very happy customer! :)
    11. Thanks to you, you are si nice person, ^^
    12. I purchased a Unoa Stewardess ensemble and wig. Its absolutely *Beautiful* and professionally made, will be back for more! :chibi
    13. I have purchased a unoa stewardess set and it was nicely made and fast ship too. Thank you. ;)
    14. Thanks girls, ^_________________^
    15. i bought a lovely red wig (which ill post a pic when i could) i was really suprised how fast i got it, i just love it, its soooo soft too :D thank you soooo much
    16. I bought a lovely pink underwear set from Megu-chan and its just perfect. Megu-Chan was lovely to deal with. Good communication and fast shipping. ^_^
    17. Thaks, ^__________^
    18. I brought an Unoa Stewardess costume and got a wig too :) It´s perfect made and the shipping was very fast - Megu-chan is really great to deal with - would do it again ;) - thanks a lot :D
    19. So happy to see every body got all very fast, it's like miracle when we know that post office usually is troublesome, XD

      Thanks, ^_________^
    20. I just bought a Unoa Faceplace from Megu-Chan. She was very good with communication, and she shipped super-quickly! A very pleasant transaction!:)