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Feedback for Mehi ^^

Jun 29, 2010

    1. My feedback Thread :) :aheartbea
    2. Dealing with Mehi was great <3 She payed swiftly and was nice to communicate with! Hope to deal with her again! :fangirl:
    3. Sold a Domuya to Mehi, and she was great to deal with. Very prompt and pleasant. Thanks!
    4. sold puki clothes to Mehi, she paid quickly and replied to PMs fast. A lovely person to do business with :)
    5. Mehi purchased a pair of 12mm ED eyes from me. She paid promptly and was nice enough to let me know when the eye arrived safely. Thank you for you purchase &#9829;
    6. I bought a Dollmore Ipsae on a AOD body. The mailing took FOREVER. But Mehi kept in contact with me for the whole time. We tracked my girl's process and she would message me if she saw an update. She was so thurough and dilligent. She wanted to make sure I got her. I will most definately buy from Mehi again. She is such a sweet heart!
    7. Mehi is now selling eyes as a Dealer/Rep of her business, MehiArt Eyes. Feedback for any new purchases from her eye business will go into the appropriate threads in Company Reviews and Company Product Reviews!
    8. Mehi purchased two pairs of urethane eyes for me. First one 14mm, second I asked for iris 12mm to 14mm eyes. Everything proceeded nice, quickly and pleasantly. Eyes are good quality. Thank you! :) I can honestly recommend urethane eyes from Mehi.
    9. A++++++++++++ transaction!

      We did a partial trade with Mehi which involved my MNF Woosoo head and some cash for her Ariadoll Bianca head and BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, AMAZING eyes by her MehiArt brand. Everything arrived super-fast and the eyes are above any of my expectations! Mehi was kind to let me ship my side slightly later. I will be excited to do business with Mehi again and I will absolutely order more of her great urethane eyes! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
    10. I am IN LOVE with Mehi's eyes. I have now ordered 3 pairs and just custom ordered another pair because they're just so gorgeous and SO well made. I can't stop ordering from her shop. I love what she comes up with, she's so easy to work with. This is definitely my favorite place for doll eyes <3
    11. I made a custom order for a pair of eyes from Mehi, and the result is absolutely stunning! I even got two extra pairs, one as an event gift and one because the waiting time was a little bit longer than usual, which is really kind of her :) All three pairs are really beautiful and well made. I will definitely buy from Mehi again!
    12. I made a custom order for a pair of eyes on etsy from her.
      I have to write a negative feedback. I am absolutely not happy with the communication process and the eyes itself and will not order at her again.
      The communication was not smooth, the eyes were ready later as promised, she didn't inform me as she sent the eyes, and as I asked for status, she said it was already sent but not mentioned when it was sent. Then she gave me one tracking number, but it was false and nothing was found. I had to ask again for the correct one.
      But the worst thing for me is the color of eyes is wrong. I have ordered pastel blue and I have received turquoise, the color is more on the green side as on the blue side I ordered. As she showed me a photo, I have written, I am not sure with the color, it doesn't look like the color I ordered. I have made a comparison, a photo what I ordered compared with her photo what is ready, so you can see, it is a different color was made. She replied, it is just the lighting, nothing to worry about. So, she has sent it to me and I can definitely see it is wrong color, not the lighting. The only thing has worked is the size, 9 mm as I have ordered.
      I have written to her that I am disappointed and I have written also what is wrong. No reply yet.

      EDIT: She has replied today - she understands and thanks for my opinion. No solution, no try to solve the problem from her. Never ever.
      #12 nufa, Feb 15, 2018
      Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
    13. I order eyes by Mehi, for all of my dolls, please, look my flickr, Kasia Nowak
      My dolls are happy, they have perfect eyes, color, size and structure. Popovy doll eyes, size sd . Everything is always fine.I will definitely buy from Mehi again , I not buy other eyes, only by Mehi.
    14. I purchased a pair of eyes from Mehi's etsy shop, and got an extra pair :dance as an event gift: both were gorgeous!
      Communication was smooth: Mehi sent a kind message regarding the shipping process. Thanks Mehi!
    15. I purchased a pair of eyes on Mehi's Etsy shop using the 2 for 1 promotion advertised here on DoA and just received them today. Both sets of eyes are so beautiful! :chocoheart
      She was very kind to deal with during the transaction and the product is lovely. I recommend her for sure. :)