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Feedback for Meiperfectneina19

Mar 3, 2011

    1. I'll start this thread. :aheartbea
    2. I sold my Custom House Uri & Gaby to Meiperfectneina19, I couldn't be more pleased of selling her to someone who is going to show the love that doll needs. Communication was great, and we kept each other updated at all times. Received payment when said. Thank you again for adopting her!! :D
    3. Mei bought a Resinsoul Bei from me, and it was a wonderful and pleasant experience. ^^ Payment was very prompt and communication was smooth and easy. It was great to have her as my first buyer on DOA. And I would gladly do business with her in the future! Thanks again! :)
    4. Meiperfectneina19 bought a wig from me. She was very kind to be understanding about a delay in shipping because of personal circumstances. I would definitely work with her again. ^_^
    5. Meiperfectneina19 purchased some eyes from me, everything went really really well, no complaints at all
    6. She bought some outfits from me. Fast responses and payment. A pleasure to deal with! Thank you and hope you like the outfits! :)
    7. Mei was in my Angell Studio GO :D! She is wonderful~ Great with communication and prompt with payment >U< <3! She's excellent at keeping up with the order and this was only her first time in a GO. :D Definitely A+++! She was very patient through unfortunate delays with the company and postal strikes, and let me know right away when she received her items.

      I'd love to host her again!

      Thanks so much!
    8. I just sold some clothes to Meiperfectneina19. It was a very good transaction, swift payment, good commincation, very nice to deal with.

      Thank you very much!
    9. I participated in a Doll Leaves group order hosted by Meiperfectneina19. She claims to be a novice, but she seems very experienced at it! She kept the group updated with our orders,took the initiative to email Doll Leaves for shipping dates, and I received my items extremely quick and packed safely . Very nice person to work with, I would gladly do business again w/ Meiperfectneina.
    10. I also just participated in her Doll Leaves GO and want to second all the above! Meiperfectneina19's communication was tops, she kept us informed and very much on top of things. I love that she packed my order in a recycled container, this is really important to me! Thanks, Mei, for a great GO experience!
    11. I was in Meiperfectneina19's Doll Leaves GO, and it was a great GO! Everything was well-organized, updates were timely, and I even got a pic of my eyes before they arrived. ^^ Thank you so much! :aheartbea
    12. I was recently part of Meiperfectneina19's Doll Leaves GO. She was the perfect host; organized, great communication, and a really friendly person to deal with. Will definitely join her next one!
    13. I participated in Meiperfectneina19's Doll-leaves Group Order

      Great communication, Great GO handler and a pleasure to deal with :) -- very quick shipping, too!

      I'd definitely join another of Meiperfectneina19's GO's :aheartbea

      Thanks again!!
    14. Bought my Customhouse/Aidoll Ange Ai Gaby doll. Quick payment, great communication. Wonderful to do business with. Thanks again!
    15. She bought my customhouse tiny and was a pleasure to work with. I would deal with her again. She made it a very easy sell.
    16. Meiperfectneina19 bought some littlefee clothes from me. Everything went great. Highly recommended!
    17. Meiperfectenia19 commissioned me to modify her doll to her OC, an adorable undertaking I might add. She was very willing to work with me and my abilities, and if things weren't working one way she allowed me to try another. I would happily work with her again!!

      Thank you so much!
    18. Meiperfectenia19 participated in my recent Tata GO. All payments were lightning fast, communication was excellent...perfect in every way :)

      Thanks for joining!!!
    19. Mei, it was a pleasure selling to you! Fast payment & great communication, I highly recommend you to everyone!
    20. Meiperfectenia19 participated in my Tom Hiddleston Custom Manufacturing order (2nd) and was awesome to work with! An active participant-- paid promptly, open and good communication and helpful! A valued customer who I wold be happy to deal with again!!