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Feedback for Mel / the MAD gallery

Dec 23, 2007

    1. This is the place to leave feedback for Melissa Durant of The M.A.D. Gallery.
      User i.d. - Mel / the MAD gallery
      Website - http://www.mad-gallery.com
    2. [​IMG]

      Melissa did a fabulous faceup on my Ashley FleePe head! She captured the exact look I wanted, great communication, and I highly recommend her work!:D
    3. Here's my pretty girl, Angie Vega! Face by Mel. Thank you Mel
    4. Here's my pics of BAMBI (Unoa lusis) who has returned from Melissa's Spa. I can't say enough good things about Melissa's artistry and her attention to details! She created BAMBI perfectly to my specifications and in a timely manner. I hope you have an opportunity to have Melissa create a special character for you too! ;)
    5. I have one of Melissa's dolls and she does fabulous work! I love the new face she gave my doll!
    6. Melissa did a faceup on my Musedoll Ciel. She is gorgeous! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Great communication and very friendly.
    7. Pic of my gorgeous Ciel:

    8. Melissa painted my JD Minimee head and was absolutely wonderful to work with, she put up with me so patiently. She did an incredible job.

      Someday I will get around to taking some pix and post them.....

    9. Melissa sold me her Erin and shipped her quickly and well packaged. I am honored to have a prize winning doll! Thank you, Mel, for a lovely doll.

      To see her, go to bobobie.com and look in the picture contest. She is in the second place prize winners - the first one. :)
    10. Melissa sold me her Robel and she was packed really well and arived quickly. :)
    11. [​IMG]

      Melissa does amazing work and is a great member to do business with!:D I couldn't be happier!